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The Audio Edition Of This Shingo Prize Winning Bestseller Provides Critical Insights And Approaches To Make Any Lean Transformation An Ongoing Success It Tells You How To Implement A Sustainable, Successful Transformation By Developing A Culture That Has Your Stakeholders Throughout The Organizational Chart Involved And Invested In The Outcome It Teaches You How To Successfully Navigate The Politics In Cross Functional Process Improvement Projects, And To Engage Executives In Ways That Are Personally Meaningful To Them If You Are A Leader At Any Level In An Organization Undergoing Or Considering A Lean Transformation, This Is Where You Should Start And Finishand Start Again New In The Third Edition Contains New Chapter On Engaging Executives In Lean Initiatives Includes New Case Studies Presents New Examples From The Healthcare And Process Industries Includes Additional Gemba Worksheets For Learning And Teaching Lean Provides Expanded Coverage Of Lean Applications In Complex Cross Functional Value Stream Process Improvement Projects PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio

7 thoughts on “Creating a Lean Culture

  1. Alissa Alissa says:

    Used this book to write my thesis Very interesting

  2. Ronald Eberhard Ronald Eberhard says:

    Das absolut beste Buch ueber dieses Thema das ich bis jetzt gelesen habe Ein absolutes Muss fuer alle, die sich mit diesem Thema ernsthaft beschaeftigen

  3. Megan of Odds&Hens Megan of Odds&Hens says:

    Excellent companion book to the rest of your lean references Getting at making lean habits and growing cultures at each level of the team and really understanding your work I also have the previous version This is similar in content but has improvements in terms of self study questions and a shift in focus to the other levels of leadership and their role expectations and how to manage up down.

  4. Christine Hannon--Woolly Jumpers Christine Hannon--Woolly Jumpers says:

    This is a text book for getting Lean off the ground Instruction is given for changes needed at all levels of the organization Lean isn t something to be imposed on operators while managers continue to get production status reports in an office on a computer screen While much about Gemba walking teaches to go and see, Mann provides rating criteria that help the team learn what to look at for Then, keep it in arm s reach Every time I re read this, I see something new or in a new way.Not a fan of the Kindle edition as the TOC doesn t link to chapters and appendices Get the paper copy and tape flags.

  5. R. Peppard R. Peppard says:

    Great book Really helps to understand the discipline necessary to maintain lean.

  6. Robert S. A. Robert S. A. says:

    Great book that gives a great amount of information on lean implementation Having a manager who used some Lean principles, I became interested in Lean Through reading this book, I not only understood the Lean principles we had in place in my workplace, but also discovered our many shortcomings and how to overcome them.

  7. Gomzie Gomzie says:

    Love the book I recommend it.