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Auch wenn Ed Catmull ber seine beruflichen Jahre vor und mit Pixar schreibt, geht es in dem Buch nicht autobiographisch um ihn und seine Person Im Vordergrund steht seine Suche nach der richtigen Lebensform f r seine Idee, Computer animierte Filme mit Hightech und menschlicher Hingabe herstellen zu k nnen Und dann geht es vor allem darum, wie und mit welchen Methoden er und John Lasseter Pixar als Unternehmen eine eigene Identit t eingehaucht haben und diese Identit t ber die Jahre hinweg weiter entwickelt haben.Die Leidenschaft und Hingabe, mit der er und viele andere Menschen an diesem Wesen Pixar gearbeitet haben, durchzieht das Buch von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite Der Part III ist aus meiner Sicht der schw chste Teil, weil Ed hier versucht, Tipps f r andere Unternehmen abzuleiten und es dabei eben nicht um Pixar geht.Auf der sachlichen Ebene m gen die Informationen zun chst banal klingen Pixar ist besonders, weil alle, die Pixar tragen, akzeptieren, dass es immer neue Probleme gibt Viele dieser Probleme sind vor uns versteckt Aber wir arbeiten hart daran, diese Probleme aufzusp ren, auch wenn es unangenehm f r uns pers nlich wird Das Team ist wichtiger als die Idee Ein gutes Team mit der richtigen Chemie ist die Voraussetzung um gute Ideen zu produzieren und erfolgreich umzusetzen Ideen kommen von Menschen, deshalb sind die Menschen auch wichtiger Die Seele eines Unternehmens kann sich nur mit gesunden Menschen weiter entwickeln Deshalb m ssen alle aufeinander aufpassen und daf r sorgen, dass die Menschen sich auch au erhalb der Arbeit gesund weiter entwickeln Offenheit ist das wichtigste, was unter den Menschen in einem Unternehmen erreicht werden muss, damit sich Qualit t und Erfolg entwickeln k nnen Die Kommunikation zwischen dem Unternehmen und der u eren Umwelt Kunden, Lieferanten muss sauber von der Kommunikation der Menschen getrennt werden, die das Unternehmen tragen Die Menschen innerhalb m ssen anders miteinander reden und d rfen den Bl dsinn nicht glauben, der au erhalb besprochen wird Aber im zeitlichen Ablauf und der Entwicklung entfaltet sich ein faszinierendes Gedankengeb ude Ein Unternehmen, das von Menschen getragen wird, und ber ihre Kommunikation und ihre Art und Weise miteinander umzugehen eine neue und eigenst ndige Identit t entfaltet.Es ist Eds berzeugung, dass nur in einer solchen Welt Kreativit t und Exzellenz m glich ist Und er stellt heraus, dass er es als seine Aufgabe als einer der Manager betrachtet, die Voraussetzungen daf r zu schaffen, dass sich Kreativit t entfalten und entwickeln kann.Diese Gedankenwelt ist einfach inspirierend und toll Als Leser begleitet man nicht nur Ed Catmull auf diesem Weg, sondern erlebt auch die Reise von Pixar angefangen von der Voridee bei Lucasfilm, der Gr ndung, Entwicklung, ber den Merger mit Disney bis hin zur aktuellen Welt.Die Ber hrungspunkte mit Steve Jobs sind interessant, das Nachwort zu seinen Einfl ssen sehr pers nlich Aber am interessantesten ist die Darstellung von Steve Jobs nicht als zentraler Macher, sondern als langj hriger Begleiter, Besch tzer und Unterst tzer der Pixar Idee.Ein spannendes Buch ber Unternehmen als Organismen, die von Menschen geformt und weiterentwickelt werden, aber eine eigenst ndige Identit t haben. From A Cofounder Of Pixar Animation Studios The Academy Award Winning Studio Behind Coco, Inside Out, And Toy Story Comes An Incisive Book About Creativity In Business And Leadership For Readers Of Daniel Pink, Tom Peters, And Chip And Dan Heath New York Times Best Seller Named One Of The Best Books Of The Year By The Huffington Post Financial Times SuccessInc Library Journal Creativity, Inc Is A Manual For Anyone Who Strives For Originality And The First Ever All Access Trip Into The Nerve Center Of Pixar Animation Into The Meetings, Postmortems, And Braintrust Sessions Where Some Of The Most Successful Films In History Are Made It Is, At Heart, A Book About Creativity But It Is Also, As Pixar Cofounder And President Ed Catmull Writes, An Expression Of The Ideas That I Believe Make The Best In Us Possible For Nearly Years, Pixar Has Dominated The World Of Animation, Producing Such Beloved Films As The Toy Story Trilogy, Monsters, Inc Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Up, WALL E, And Inside Out, Which Have Gone On To Set Box Office Records And Garner Academy Awards The Joyousness Of The Storytelling, The Inventive Plots, The Emotional Authenticity In Some Ways, Pixar Movies Are An Object Lesson In What Creativity Really Is Here, In This Book, Catmull Reveals The Ideals And Techniques That Have Made Pixar So Widely Admired And So Profitable As A Young Man, Ed Catmull Had A Dream To Make The First Computer Animated Movie He Nurtured That Dream As A PhD Student At The University Of Utah, Where Many Computer Science Pioneers Got Their Start, And Then Forged A Partnership With George Lucas That Led, Indirectly, To His Cofounding Pixar In Nine Years Later, Toy Story Was Released, Changing Animation Forever The Essential Ingredient In That Movie S Success And In The Movies That Followed Was The Unique Environment That Catmull And His Colleagues Built At Pixar, Based On Leadership And Management Philosophies That Protect The Creative Process And Defy Convention, Such As Give A Good Idea To A Mediocre Team, And They Will Screw It Up But Give A Mediocre Idea To A Great Team, And They Will Either Fix It Or Come Up With Something Better If You Don T Strive To Uncover What Is Unseen And Understand Its Nature, You Will Be Ill Prepared To Lead It S Not The Manager S Job To Prevent Risks It S The Manager S Job To Make It Safe For Others To Take Them The Cost Of Preventing Errors Is Often Far Greater Than The Cost Of Fixing Them A Company S Communication Structure Should Not Mirror Its Organizational Structure Everybody Should Be Able To Talk To Anybody At least it s the one that I am giving away as present the most.This book is just amazing Told by the President of Pixar himself, it Shows in a very credible way that also those big companies which we all admire do struggle from time to time I loved the way it is written It really sounds like if someone is sitting next to you at the fireplace and share tales of his life there is a real storyteller at work Because it s so human and because we all know the companies their famous movies, it really catches you in Highly recommended It s recommended book that I am willing to share to many people just the size is quite big so can t be carried around easily but the content is like a pearl.Catmull really tell his stories from zero on how pixar was built and the process behind,how difficult it is and how he manages to make Pixar grow successfully including his recipes management, I love it people who wants to understand the real meaning of creativity and improve his her management skill should read this book Nat rlich das Buch bietet auch nicht den Stein der Weisen oder sensationell Neues, aber es ruft einen vieles wieder in Erinnerung, das man im Trubel vergessen hat Ich habe mir mehrere Aussage herausgeschrieben, damit ich sie mir von Zeit zu Zeit immer wieder ansehen kann und nicht vergesse Auch das H rbuch in Englisch ist f r eine Autofahrt alleine perfekt geeignet. Fantastic For creative individuals and entrepreneur minds Practical and well explained manual on how to run a creative company, nicely combined with a story of Pixar, written almost in a novel way I m totally inspired and will bring some ideas to my team of innovators, also for my non profit, as well as for my creative self The early parts of the book, are comparatively slow, as he introduces himself and the formative parts of his life The narrative thereafter quickly gains pace, and the content becomes useful and ultimately seminal and inspirational This book is a text book on how to organise a modern business especially a creative or consulting biz Part of story includes george lucas of starwars fame, and also of steve jobs For almost a generation, the author worked with jobs, and therein we gain many insights into jobs character Many leasons may be learnt from this book especially those who persevere beyond the initial autobiographical parts into the organisational parts I was interested to see how management techniques were applied to a hugely successful and creative hothouse and enjoyed this book immensely.Nicely peppered with anecdotes to flesh out the Pixar development story, perhaps the most striking observation of which is his thinking on creativity itself If you give a mediocre idea to a brilliant team, they will either fix it or throw it away and come up with something better I like his view that nothing and nobody should be sacrosanct and believe that many could learn from the Steve Jobs story about being on time for meetings.An interesting, educational and entertaining read. This is the story of Pixar and its founders Steve Jobs, John Lasseter and Ed Catmull The story tracks the creation of Toy Story and the creation of the worlds first computer generated animation film Following the first showing, their hearts dropped They had achieved a wonderful feat of technical advances and graphical breakthroughs but there was one vital piece missing There was no story or characters that viewers could empathise with, laugh with, cry with or root for They needed a storyteller Toy Story became a huge success and then the next era begins It s always an interesting read to appreciate the challenges and highlights entrepreneurs face in establishing new companies What is insightful in this book is to explore what happens after success in terms of motivation, pressures to deliver again and renewed creativity challenges How teams react to stepping up into the fray again Are you a one trick pony Very interesting read and a unique perspective from a unique company. I am not a great fan of books written about a great company companies Most of the lists churned out turn out to be lemons over a period of time From Tom Peters remember In search of excellence to Jim Collins Good to Great Greater Greatest grandest and the multiple titles that he authored.they write books with an outsider s perspective of all the good to great things that these companies do in innovation customer service branding leadership building s etc., The guys who wrote the books never worked inside the companies.they do not have a first hand feel for the pains of building world class companies.mostly successful and prolific authors journalists or the McKinsey types.riding the gravy train of somebody else s success.When they are written by the founders builders of these companies it is a different story altogether Remember reading a great book called Joy Inc by Richard Sheridan about a medium sized software products company called Menlo Systems It was a class act a straight from the heart story of a CEO on what it takes to build a highly engaged company Creativity Inc is a notch above.It is multiple stories woven is the story of Ed Catmull and his dreams.and PIXAR.redefined computer animation and graphics and produced a series of block busters think Toy Story 1 and 2, Think Monsters, Think Finding Nemo the list is endless 15 Academy awards, 11 Golden Globes and 7 Grammys and gave Disney Animation a run for their money and their tired tales of Alice in Wonderland, Snow White etc., A whole generation of Americans not just kids grew up on these newly created characters, their quirky stories and the home truths spun around them.almost like the ancient Disney stories but set in the modern world and integrating it into the complexities of the new world.It is also the story of the birth of the 3D Graphics and Computer animation.and the history and coming of age of these movies.and the role of hi tech in entertainment.Concurrently it is also the story of the men strangely no women in this who defined a genre which holds on and getting stronger in spite of multiple other slicker franchisees We go thru the lives of some of the greatest entertainers post Walt Disney..Starting off from George Lucas, then to John Lasetter and Ed Catmull and how after merger with is the story of Disney and Pixar combined together but run autonomously by Catmull under the watchful eye of Robert Iger.It is also a great book on how to build great to build creative companies whose value is as much as the collective imagination and motivation of its employees.the insightful stories of the successes of Catmull and Lasetter in ensuring that an animation company which is a marriage of Technology and Creativity sustains where neither is swamped by the other but each function builds on the strengths of the other..the chapters on Brains Trust, Post Mortems, Story Telling are a must read for anyone who is leading to build high performance companies and sustain them.this autobiographical book is like a Bible.Ditto with the chapters post the Disney acquisition Read it to appreciate the subtle nuances the author is so sensitive about organizational issues.and how he carefully navigates the egos and anxieties And finally this is a book about Steve Jobs..who got in as the promoter of the company and bought it from George Lucas.and the autonomy and independence he provided to Ed Catmull and John Lasetter through the trying times in the beginning to its humongous success laterand gave birth to an industry of hi tech computer animation, 3D graphics and yet narrating simple goofy tales contrary to the stories of the brilliant but tyrannical Jobs which comes out from the Apple related books, Steve Jobs comes out pretty well as a genius who could appreciate other intelligent and creative people and challenge them to greater heights A natural question people would may be tempted to ask is how much of the creative genius of Steve Jobs played a role in the growth and success of PIXAR.think we should spin the question around and ask How much of the creativity and innovation so well nurtured in PIXAR played a key role in shaping Job s genius and its eventual success on a much larger canvas called APPLE Inc Normally I look down on management how to books I would classify this book as the story of individual dreams and how you build and nurture them..Read it you will be wiser and also get a first hand feel for hi tech and the world of entertainment and the efforts required to fuel and sustain it.