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Are YOU planning a trip to Croatia Are YOU Moving To Croatia Do YOU have Croatian Heritage Be Honest how Cool would it be if YOU knew Croatian Look it s a fact if YOU know a bit of the local Language your trip will always be a enriching experience People will smile and be cheerful if YOU took the time to learn their language Don t be your average tourist STAND OUT Maybe YOU want, Impress a Beautiful Croatian women At Project Fluency we believe that in order to communicate well you only need to know the basics of any Language well For this reason our EXPERT Linguist Team has researched the MOST USEFUL Croatian phrases, grammar rules words So don t you don t waste YOUR time and energy on things that just simply don t work If YOUR ready to learn CROATIAN TODAY Scroll up, grab this book, and take the first steps to get the most out of YOURCroatian Experience

5 thoughts on “Croatian: Learn Croatian in a Week! Start Speaking Basic Croatian Immediately: The Ultimate Crash Course for Croatian Language Beginners. (Croatian, Learn Croatian,Croatian language)

  1. W. Burgeson W. Burgeson says:

    If this book had cost than 3 I d have been pretty upset.There are no diacritics on the letters at least not on kindle for mac , and it was only due to my knowledge of other Slavic languages, plus confirmation from Google Translate that I was able to determine for example that the word for evening ve er the pronounced like ch was indeed pronounced this way.It was an impulse buy really, just spurred on by curiosity I won t rub salt in the wound by asking for my money back, but I think if I was really planning to go there I d go for a substantial book such as Teach Yourself.It really does look like the person who was tasked with writing it was given no than half a day to put the thing together.

  2. Ian H Ian H says:

    Apart from a few minor typos in the English, not a badly structured book and content.That is apart from the issue of no pronunciation guide apart from at the start You may be speaking basic in a week but not sure how well you ll be understood on some of it.

  3. njn njn says:

    I liked how the book was arranged situations and provided phrases that a visitor might need while visiting Croatia I was very surprised to find that while the book acknowledged that the Croatian language has letters not found in English, it does not use them in the book instead it tries to sub in English language equivalents Seriously The letters , and are common, everyday letters that are essential to the Croatian language It was a disservice to anyone trying to learn Croatian to dumb it down, and I would not recommend this book.

  4. Patricia Patricia says:

    By reading this book I have learned from this book I hope if you read this book then you can learn The book has a well written summary at the end, that helps the reader to sum up his Croatian knowledge Thanks author for creating us a new book for all of us

  5. Sylvia Sylvia says:

    This book Croatian is helping me to learn the language Very useful book for adult learners of Croatian Just wish there was similar books available I really enjoyed the book and learned lots of new words.