ePUB Croc and BirdAuthor Alexis Deacon – Bilb-weil.de

Just fantastic Two eggs hatch and grow together, learning and sharing their strengths with each other however different they seem Later they find where they each think they belong but find each other again as brothers You could absolutely use this as a resource for teaching about any number of familial relationships Or you could enjoy it for it s touching, beautiful illustrations Most likely it ll be for both Cannot recommend it highly enough. Nice story about friendship Beautifully illustrated This is an engaging story of two unlikely friends whose love is lasting, in spite of their obvious differences This is a story about two brothers with extreme differences one is a baby Crocodile, the other a Parrot chick.As innocent babies they accept each other without question, and teach each other the things that come naturally to them I.e the croc learns to build nests and sing to the sun, and the bird learns to hunt large game and to bask or wallow on hot days.This is a brilliant story with an amusing authorial tone and incredibly sweet pictures.I have read this book to both Reception and Year 1 children, and they have both engaged with and loved the story, understanding the humour and the overarching message of friendship and acceptance of differences. Side by side on the sand sat two eggs With a crack and a rip, the brothers hatch, and out comes a bird and a crocodile But they can t be brothers can they My 3 year old grandson is entranced with this delightful story about 2 brothers a crocodille and a bird How they realise that although they are different they can still be brothers.The illustrations are excellent and beautifully created to add to the overall enjoyment Nice book, good price but delivery s bit slow. Love this book Nice, touching story and, as ever with Alex Deacon, great illustrations What a fantastic book especially the page where bird caught a buffalo My class of year 1 and 2 loved it as did the class TA