{pdf} Cycling's 50 Triumphs and Tragedies: The Rise and Fall of Bicycle Racing's ChampionsAuthor Les Woodland – Bilb-weil.de

Great service have just started to read Ciao, Dino tutti.This is an unabashed book plug, audio book actually, that I just finished listening to while polishing vintage campy hubs for Din oica.The book is Cycling s 50 Triumphs and Tragedies by Les Woodland.Like I said, I have the audio book and it s over ten hours of great stories Admittedly many of which I have heard but with much new detail fascinating stuff for any Dino to hear or hear again.One little quibble that takes getting used to is the narrator s voice when he shifts into first person mode Every rider, no matter the nationality or age, sounds out in a low gruff growl This becomes comical when he voices Eddy Merckx s wife Oh well, it s over soon On balance, well worth my time.It s available fromhttp bikeraceinfo.com books mcgann publishing.htmlThat s Bill and Carol McGann You may know him by his former family name of Bill Simonian and Torelli Imports Bill was the importer distributor of Guerciotti bicycles and his house brand Torelli and so much in high end Dino worthy merchandise He graciously comped me my copy of this book and I promised to shill a bit for him and it His website is surely worth a visit, he covers current pro cycling news as well as the publishing side. prompt delivery 15 percent of interest the rest boring When Than Men Or Women Go Racing Down A Road, Inches Away From Each Other, In All Weather, Over All Kinds Of Roads, The Opportunity For A Brilliant Win Or A Terrible Accident Is Always There For Than A Century, Bicycle Racers Have Sought Glory, But Have Often Found Only Misery There Can Be Only One Winner, And Even That Triumph Can Be Mixed With Terrible Loss Fausto Coppi, Coached By A Blind Man, Set The World Hour Record In Milan During The War While The City Was Being Shattered By Bombs Tom Simpson Was World Champion In , But By , He Was Nearly A Has Been Desperate To Win The Tour De France, He Took An Overdose Of Amphetamines And Died By The Side Of The Road Of Heart Failure, Probably Caused Dehydration Triggered By The Drugs That Were To Help Him Win Great Joy And Tragedy So Close Together Join Cycling S Most Accomplished Writer, Les Woodland, As He Explores The Heroic, Sometime Triumphant Side Of Cycling, All The Time Reminding Us That For Every Winner In Cycling, There Has To Be A Hundred Losers Sometimes Their Tale Is Better Or Sadder Than The Winner S We Ll Go On A Journey Around Sites Of Success And Sorrow Some Of Them, Tragically, Combined