{Best} Cycling's World Championships: The Inside StoryAuthor Les Woodland – Bilb-weil.de

Champion Of The World For A Year The World Cycling Champion Gets To Wear A Special White Jersey With Rainbow Stripes And Then, For The Rest Of His Career, He Can Wear A Jersey With Rainbow Cuffs And Collar Unlike The Tour De France S Yellow Jersey, Which Can Only Be Worn While Leading The Race, The Rainbow Is Earned For Life For Than A Century, Organized Cycling Has Been Conferring That Extraordinary And Wonderful Title, Starting With The First Championships Held In Chicago In But It Wasn T Until That There Was A Professional World Road Championship Race, Won On The Famous N Rburgring Car Circuit In Germany By The Great Alfredo Binda The Story Of The World Championships Is A Fascinating One, And Besides The Well Known Road And Track Competitions, There Are Many Events That Even The Most Dedicated Racing Fans Might Not Know About, Such As Cycle Speedway, Bicycle Polo, And Of Course The World Unicycle Championships Join Les Woodland As He Tells The Whole, Fun, And Engrossing Story Of The Bravery As Well As The Treachery And Trickery In The World Championships, And The Athletes Who Have Been Able Wear The Coveted Colors Of The Rainbow Author Les Woodland Has Been Cycling For Years And Has Been Writing About Cycling Since , When He Wrote His First Reports For The British Publication Cycling Since Then He Has Been A Prolific Contributor To Newspapers, Magazines And Radio Stations In The UK And Belgium Mr Woodland, Who Currently Lives In France, Speaks Several Of The Languages Of Cycling English, Dutch, And French

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    OK but not much depth

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    Les Woodland strikes again with a torrent of insights and colorful anecdotes on the world of bicycle racing, this time centered on the World Championships Even after than twenty books on cycling, including one of a ride across the US, he hasn t run out of material The man is a bottomless reservoir of cycling knowledge No matter how much one may know about the world of bicycle racing, one can be certain to have that knowledge greatly expanded by this or any of Woodland s books.His solid reporting is always supplemented with overlooked incidental but pertinent detail, such as Bobet s superstition regarding the number 41 He always kept a wary eye on the rider wearing the number Here s hoping Woodland still has many a book left in him His colorful, zesty writing is always a pleasure The man clearly is enthralled by his subject and delights in sharing what he knows.