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A charming cozy with a real twist at the end I did not know that the Marine Biological Lab at Woods Hole owed its beginnings to a woman, Cornelia Clapp And the identity of the murderer was well hidden. Exhausted after the tumult of the Pullman Strike of , Emily Cabot is looking forward to a restful summer visit to Cape Cod She has plans to collect “beasties” for the Marine Biological Laboratory, alongside other visiting scientists from the University of ChicagoShe also hopes to enjoy romantic clambakes with Dr Stephen Chapman, although they must keep an important secret from their friends But her summer takes a dramatic turn when she finds a dead man floating in a fish tankIn order to solve his murder she must first deal with dueling scientists, a testy local sheriff, the theft of a fortune, and uncooperative weatherThis fourth book in the Emily Cabot Mysteries series will continue to delight history buffs and mystery lovers alike