Audible Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels: A Practical GuideAutor Jeffrey K. Liker –

In Developing Lean Leaders At All Levels We Build On The Theory In The Original Book, The Toyota Way To Lean Leadership, And Answer The Questions How Can I Apply This In My Organization What Concrete Actions Can I Take To Begin The Journey Of Becoming A Lean Leader How Can I Spread This Learning To All Parts Of The Organization What Critical Tools Are Needed To Turn The Theory To Practice This Book Adds Examples From Over Twenty Years Of Experience By Dr Liker In Working With Companies Outside Of Toyota This Audiobook Treats You As A Student Who Will Be Actively Engaged In Developing Lean Leader Skills As You Read It Acts As A Tutorial For Beginning The Journey

5 thoughts on “Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels: A Practical Guide

  1. Customer Customer says:

    This book is a great source for lean leaders It guides you step by step through problems solving leadership development.I found most useful chapters are 2, 4, 5, and 7.Chapter 2 provide a step by step and in details how to solve problems and follow the Toyota Business Practice for problems solving Jeff also explained greatly the A3 approach and the Kata method.Chapter 3 is about visualization and work standard How to implement, and the culture.Chapter 4 will guide you step by step in how to develop your self to grow as a leader This include the learning cycles, the Toyota approach of developing leaders at the gmeba, the Toyota method of hiring people, motivating people and respecting people.Chapter 5 is very great It guides you on how to become a teacher and start coaching others This chapter will teach you the psychology of being a mentor, teacher and coach The chapter also present the coaching kata by Mike Rother and simplify the technique in an easy manner.Chapter 6 is about supporting the daily kaizen.The three chapters 4,5,6 are replicated from the Toyota Way to Lean Leadership with some nice adds and insights.Chapter 7 is about the remarkable approach Hoshin Kanri This chapter will teach you how to align goals vertically and horizontally across different functional departments in your organization The chapter also discuss Dana turnaround discussed at the end of the Toyota Way to Lean Leadership.The book still not a conclusion of the Toyota series books by Jeff I still recommend to read the Toyota suite 7 books And this book describes the practical side of the lean tools and dig deep into the lean culture.Very good Jeff Nicely done

  2. cwp cwp says:

    Grammar aside, This is a ground breaking book and takes Dr Liker s Toyota Way to the next level and shows the integration with other world class books like Toyota Kata by Mike Mother and Good to Great by Jim Collins The most difficult part of reading this book is trying to put it into the proper context It talks about Toyota s culture in layman s terms but it is impossible to really understand this culture if you haven t lived it Some will read this book and think, there is nothing new here but if you have some history and familiarity with this culture you will see it really helps the reader take it to a new level of understanding You almost need to read this book two or three times to really get it or follow it up with the on line learning series based on this book It is really an excellent book and provides new insight into this complex yet highly profitable culture Finally there is a book on developing Leaders which is the biggest reason most companies fail trying to make Lean and any type of continuous improvement systems to sustain.

  3. Steve Swan Steve Swan says:

    This opened my eyes to see what gaps that exist in my job arena and scope Key point takeaway is continuously learning on your own through the help of coaches and mentors.

  4. Dr. Tom Lawless Dr. Tom Lawless says:

    This is an outstanding resource for lean leaders at all levels I use it in all of my training events.

  5. Pearbear93 Pearbear93 says:

    This book and it is packed with great information and inspirational messages It provides a clear map to lean leadership development I am the Lean Executive Director of our company and this book will help me develop myself as a better lean coach so that I can better develop and coach other lean leaders across our organization Hats off to Mr Liker with what he has accomplished in this book.