[download Textbooks] Dictionary of Japanese ParticlesAuthor Sue Kawashima – Bilb-weil.de

one of the best books that really helped me get to grips with particles, I find this book to be very useful As a relative newbie to Japanese, I need a lot of help with all the particles This book lists the particles with various definitions for each one, and, the most helpful feature example sentences These are extremely helpful, since when someone wants to know what a particle means, they ve usually found the need to learn while reading sentences in a book Japanese particles can be hard to grasp, but this book has been very useful to me. I was highly recommended this book, so I bought it.It contains a clear listing of the particles used in modern Japanese in alphabetical order Each entry explains briefly the uses of the particle, with examples, and if necessary, it compares it to easily confused particles.Examples are displayed in Japanese with furigana and romanized letters, and an English translation is also provided I would have liked no romanization at all, but this dictionary tries to be useful to any student of Japanese, at any level In my view, the romanized letters are too big, and makes the text less clear than expected.It also includes exercises to practice the usage of the different particles, with key.In any case, this book is a great reference. 50 This is a great guide to particles in Japanese and I can t recommend it enough You can have a huge vocabulary but if you don t know how to form proper sentences then it s all for naught This book teaches you just that, it s mix of Romanji, Kanji and Furigana also make it easy to read for any level. I find partials to be that annoying thing that makes Japanese the most difficult to learn More so than Keigo This book is good for all levels to help understand the hair pulling frustration that is partials.The book does contain some that my Japanese friends say they never use but it does not hurt to know them Just because your friends don t use it does not mean you will not run into them at some point. Useful little book Does not have everything This reference source is designed for all levels of Japanese language study It containsJapanese particles presented in alphabetical order together with meanings illustrated through sample sentences in English, Japanese and roman orthography with furigana affixed to kangi characters For English speaking students of Japanese, particles are perhaps the most difficult aspect of the language to learn It would be no exaggeration to say that, for most people, they can never be completely mastered Thus, the study of particles is a lifetime undertaking, and This is an extensive textbook it s a must for any serious student of Japanese grammar, recommended by my daughter s teacher, a native speaker of Japanese It s also an exceptional quality item, laminated and beautifully rendered. This book is very helpful if you want to look up particles There are also many example sentences and explanations for each particle And in the back of the book there are some review questions so you can see whether or not you know how to use each particle.