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How Did Those Enormous Dinosaur Skeletons Get Inside The Museum Long Ago, Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth Then, Suddenly, They Died Out For Thousands Of Years, No One Knew These Giant Creatures Had Ever Existed Then People Began Finding Fossilsbones And Teeth And Footprints That Had Turned To Stone Today, Teams Of Experts Work Together To Dig Dinosaur Fossils Out Of The Ground, Bone By Fragile Bone Then They Put The Skeletons Together Again Inside Museums, To Look Just Like The Dinosaurs Of Millions Of Years Ago

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  1. Michelle Llewellyn Michelle Llewellyn says:

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  2. Jennifer Calderone Jennifer Calderone says:

    Aliki is one of the best writers for children She writes in a clear and easy style at the same time never talking down to her young audience The illustrations are realistic, as I believe they should be in a non fiction book on a scientific subject My son has several of her books and they have inspired him to visit the zoo, the museum, and the aquarium, and have kept these places alive in his mind between visits.

  3. NomadMom NomadMom says:

    Amazing series about science topics for young children It explains concepts shied away from in other series without being too difficult for young children.

  4. Bev Nyhuis Bev Nyhuis says:

    Another Christmas gift for my grandson He will love it He s only 9 but already planning on being a paleontologist when he grows up and know all the facts about Dinosaurs This book showed how many people it takes and what jobs them do to dig up the bones and display them in the museums Very Interesting

  5. Simonsen Simonsen says:

    Very informative A little controversial if you are Apatosaurus or Brontosaurus believer.