Prime Dinosaur Bones (Let's-Lesen-and-Find-Out Science 2) Nach Aliki –

Terrific book. How Do We Know What Dinosaurs Were Like Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth Millions Of Years Ago Then Suddenly They All Died Out How Do We Know Now What They Looked Like How Do We Know That They Really Existed At All Read And Find Out How Scientists Have Proven The Existence Of Dinosaurs By Studying Fossil Remains Each New Fossil Find Helps Them To Ice Together A Picture Of What The World Was Like Millions Of Years Ago I got this for my grand nephew for Christmas, and he absolutely loves it. DINOSAUR BONES is a short book about dinosaurs that is at the mid elementary reading level It s a book with fun but not spectacular artwork.The book talks about how people discovered the existence of dinosaurs How people found strange bones that they couldn t classify, and how this lead to discovery the ancient world of dinosaurs.Continental drift and rock stratification is touched up And Aliki talks about how dinos first appeared in the late Triassic period and how they grew larger and the centuries passed Triassic Cretaceous, and Jurassic periods are introduced.WHAT I LIKED about the book is the presentation that seems to allow children to learn as much as they are ready for, or interested in They can just skim and pick up on general ideas, or they can look and study the charts and learn details, like which era comes first.Finally, I love that the book ends with the mysterious WHY of dinosaur extinction I would hope that this would leave young dino enthusiasts with the idea that there is scientific work left to be done in the field, and that they could be a scientist discoverer when they grow up. My 5 year old loves this book It s nicely illustrated and perfectly grabs the attention of young children who are interested in science and dinosaurs.