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Kids Can Go On A Visual Tour Of The Prehistoric World, Exploring The Plants, The Reptiles, The Swimmers, The Flyers, The Dinosaurs, The Mammals, And In This Comprehensive And Fully Updated Visual Celebration Of Prehistoric Life Dinosaurs Is Not Simply A Catalog Of Facts It Is A Visual Celebration Of The History Of All Life On Earth, With A Special Focus On Dinosaurs It Features Than Dinosaur Species, Many Illustrated With Exclusive, Brand New Artworks The New Images Vividly Reflect The Very Latest Research Into What These Prehistoric Creatures Looked Like, Including Stunning New Discoveries About Feathered Dinosaurs Material Is Organized By Category Of Animal Invertebrates, Early Vertebrates, Dinosaurs And Birds, And Mammals

6 thoughts on “Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition

  1. M. Fonck M. Fonck says:

    Tolles Buch Einfach tollAber wer den DK Verlag kennt, ist diese Qualit t gewohnt Nehme mal an dass die meisten, bekannten, verstorbenen Wesen sich in diesem tollen Bildband wiederfindenVum Ursprung des Lebens bis zu den ersten Menschen findet man eine Unzahl von informativem Bildmaterial in diesem Buch wiederAlso ich kann dises Buch nur weiter empfehlen

  2. J.T. J.T. says:

    I Love this book because it has beautiful illustrations It has divided animals into 5 categories prehistoric life,invertebrates,early vertebrates, dinosaurs and birds, and mammals and has a detailed glossary and index also with very nice pictures It goes into some details about fossils It also touches into information on the Loch Ness monster It has 304 glorious large pages to go through I know I will never get tired of this book I will continue to buy DK Smithsonian

  3. Keri Keri says:

    My 4 and 2 year old love this book the little blurbs about each dinosaur are perfect for their attention and pronunciation of the dinosaur names is so helpful there are sections that show sizes of dinosaurs vs animals and another section about insects and birds and bugs and sea life its a good buy especially for 14

  4. christian.learningatcableworks.co.uk Customer christian.learningatcableworks.co.uk Customer says:

    I originally checked this out from our local library for my 6 year old, but we both enjoyed it so much, I ended up buying it so that we can have a copy in our home collection The title Dinosaurs undersells this book while the largest section of the book is devoted to dinosaurs, in its entirety, it is a history of life on Earth, from the earliest single cell life forms up through modern humans, with a primer section at the beginning that gives the basics of geological eras and the theory of evolution This book does an excellent job of taking a TON of information and breaking it down into easily digestible chunks, with plenty of illustrations and photographs that make the book accessible for both older students and adults and emerging readers alike Overall, a great reference book for any home library.

  5. christian.learningatcableworks.co.uk Customer christian.learningatcableworks.co.uk Customer says:

    My 5 year old Grandson has this book and absolutely loves it I bought one for myself so that I can keep up with him Great for children and adults Very well written and illustrated We like the fact that the pronunciations are included along with great facts.

  6. hthornhill hthornhill says:

    My 6 year old loves looking at this and reading new facts about dinosaurs I m usually equally as amused as he is with a lot of these facts I have many of the other Smithsonian Visual Encyclopedia books saved for future purchases.