Kostenlos Lesening Discipline Yourself: Develop Habits and Systems to Boost Willpower, Resist Temptations, Beat Procrastination and Finish What You Start : The Key to Getting Things Done (English Edition)Autor Pollux Andrews – Bilb-weil.de

Self Discipline Isn T Just Another Trait It SReal Game Changer Learn How To Build Daily Habits, Develop Systems, Create Environment To Empower You With Iron Like Self DisciplineDo Youalways Make Resolutionat The Start Of Every Year, Only To Realize That They Lose All Steam In A Matter Of Few Weeks Do Youfeel Stressed And Overwhelmed With Workbecause You Also Give In To Your Temptations And Impulses Doesworking Longer On Any Important Work Seem Like A Never Ending Projectto You Do You Always Find Yourselftrapped In Self Sabotaging Behaviorsin The Face Of Any Adversity If Answer To Above Is Yes You Suffer From Lack Of Self DisciplineBut Wait Just Relax And Calm Yourself Lacking Self Discipline Is Not Some Genetic Disorder Or Incurable Disease You Can Develop Self Discipine By Following Proper Strategies And Regular PracticeDiscipline Yourselfis The Book You Need To Start Your Journey Towards Building Self Discipline This Book Is Sincere Attempt To Educate You About Thepsychology Of Self Disciplineand Why You Secummb To Your Impulses You Will Learn Thepractical And Actionable Techniques To Build Aniron Like Self DisciplineHere Is WhatDiscipline Yourselfoffers You Learn Thefundaments Of Self Disciplineand Why It Is The Most Important Trait That Humans Need To Achieve Their GoalsLearn Thepsychology Of Temptations Why We Prefer Short Term Advantage At The Cost Of Long Term DisadvantageMaster Key Habits And Daily Routinesthat Will Strengthen Your Self Control And WillpowerHow Todesign An Environmentaround You, Be It Home, Office, School, Vacation, Weekend Or Whatever To Support Your Self DisciplineWhen Everything Fails, Systems WorkCreate Unbeatable Systemsto Avoid Draining Your WillpowerLearn Mental Toughness Principlesof The Toughest People On The PlanetPractical Tips And Tricks In Each Area Of Your Life, Be It Family, Work, Relationship, Spiritual To Practice Self Discipline, Staying Focused And Achieving Your GoalsThis Book Is Simple, Full With Relatable Stories To Give You A Message That Resonates With You The Book Will Provide Youpowerful Habits, Unbeatable Systems, And The Tricks To Design Your Environment, That You Can Practically Start Implementing In Your Life From Today OnwardsDont Wait Order Your Copy Now And Start Taking Charge Of Your Life

5 thoughts on “Discipline Yourself: Develop Habits and Systems to Boost Willpower, Resist Temptations, Beat Procrastination and Finish What You Start : The Key to Getting Things Done (English Edition)

  1. Daniel Daniel says:

    It s a rather short book 10 chapters The most annoying thing I noticed was that this book was not proof read It s littered with typos, unnecessary wording and hard to read examples It s as if the author spoke into a microphone that translated the words into sentences and then put the book up for sale The book has no real structure The average middle school student could probably write a concise book.

  2. Rene Rene says:

    Comprehensive guide to get the proper understanding of self discipline with tips and strategies this book provides an wide explanation of everything one should know to develop their disciplinary skills and daily habits I have read a few books about self discipline but none of them are this much elaborated and explained step by step to implement self discipline and productive habits I found this book very useful to rearrange my daily life and i appreciate this very much and recommended.

  3. gratefull gratefull says:

    This book has a lot of information about getting your life in order I got it for a friend they are pleased

  4. YOMO YOMO says:

    Just read it

  5. Ron Thompson Ron Thompson says:

    A quick read with a lot of useful information and tools to help you achieve self discipline to become a better you.