Discovering Flying Trapeze Prime –

Flying Trapeze has exploded in popularity as a recreational activity in recent years with overschools, clubs and resorts now open on six continents Whether you are a complete beginner or a regular flyer, this book will accompany you from your very first swing, through a series of skill progressions including overdifferent tricks and catches , right up to advanced somersaulting tricks and flying out of lines The book is illustrated with hundreds of clear and simple step by step diagrams explaining basic concepts, fundamental techniques, useful training tips and common problems You ll learn everything you need to know as you arrive for your class, right from learning your trick on the practice bar, to climbing the ladder, leaving the board and making a catch You ll also discover the roles of the instructors you will meet and learn how to use the safety equipment such as the safety net and the safety lines The book also covers a variety of topics that will become relevant as you start to practiceregularly and at aadvanced level, such as helping out on the platform, performing in Flying Trapeze shows, using hand grips and understanding catch timings Written by Alastair Pilgrim, the founder of flying trapeze, and including contributions from Tim Cayrol, an experienced performing arts physiotherapist, this book is an invaluable tool for the recreational trapeze artist This book is most suitable for beginner and intermediate level flying trapeze enthusiasts For aadvanced book, check out The Fundamentals of Flying Trapeze