[books pdf] Drama Games for RehearsalsAuthor Jessica Swale – Bilb-weil.de

Not just a manual, it s a good read full of anecdotes and witty asides from the start we know that we are in the hands of an expert practitioner Intended to be dipped into, this book is great for making the rehearsal room as active as it is cerebral it will become as indispensable as its predecessors Teaching Drama MagazineBursting with ideas and content there are lovely ideas here professional, student friendly, good for flicking through the pages and choosing at random, or acarefully structured process will create happier groups and happier rehearsals National Drama Magazine I wish I d had this book when I was starting out as a young director I cannot recommend it highly enough Marianne Elliott, from her Foreword This dip in, flick through, quick fire resource book in the bestselling Drama Games series offers dozens of ideas and exercises to energise and inspire a bold, creative rehearsal process for any play, of any period or genre Aimed at directors of all levels, it covers every aspect of rehearsal, includingWarm up exercises to prepare the body, voice and mind, and to create a strong ensemble Ideas for approaching the text, tackling the Story of the Play A wealth of games for unlocking the World of the Play , including developing characters, finding a physical style, understanding genre and investigating themes Suggestions for exploring sound and music, whether for use in the production or simply to encourage a sense of fun in rehearsals This essential go to book will provide you with a host of original and illuminating games, perfect for the play you re rehearsing, be it Shakespeare or Greek tragedy, a Restoration comedy, physical theatre, Modern Naturalism or even a brand new play Marianne Elliott, one of the most innovative and exciting directors working anywhere in the world, describes it as a beautiful, and very clearly written book which will become her constant companion in future