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Chris Johnston s book will prove an inspirational guide for teachers and workshop leaders working with difficult students, youth groups, young offenders, and all those who currently take pleasure in saying no to whatever is offered them For some groups, drama games and activities need to be especially robust and engaging, and the dozens that appear in this book have been devised with this in mind and then tested by their target players The ultimate aim is to encourage challenging groups to engage, collaborate, negotiate and develop not just drama but also life skills

14 thoughts on “Johnston, C: Drama Games for Those Who Like to Say No

  1. Maria Crocker Maria Crocker says:

    I have a lot of kids in my after school classes that I run who are very young and are very quick to say no This book and the games involved have changed the way they now approach drama and are able to access and enjoy the sessions a lot as they want to be there now.

  2. Jamilla O Jamilla O says:

    I love this booka nd can t fault it It gives you many drama gamesto enjoy and as a teacher its great to be able to play different ones than the same ones all the time

  3. Jane Fitzgerald Jane Fitzgerald says:


  4. P. Neal P. Neal says:

    brilliantly written and presented in a professional and useful way Also good as a very interesting read apart from anything else This writer knows what he is talking about.

  5. Keith D Sparrow Keith D Sparrow says:

    Great book, all the games are split into different sections according to purpose and ranked according to age Great for teachers

  6. Paula Paula says:

    Needs a few ideas for very small groups but liked the different variations offered.

  7. Loren Wright Loren Wright says:

    Really useful and descriptive

  8. sound_image_library sound_image_library says:

    Very useful exercises.

  9. Sheila Cox Sheila Cox says:

    Lovely set of books for a Drama teacher

  10. bill reavey bill reavey says:


  11. Mrs Mellins Mrs Mellins says:

    This book contains 119 different activities which can be used with classes, drama groups, nurture groups, youth groups and parties They are specifically aimed at people with behavioural or emotional difficulties, but can also be used with mainstream groups As with Jessica Swale s Drama Games , this book is well organised into different sections, so activities can be easily selected depending on your particular requirements.What is different is that each activity is given an age rating and the range goes from KS2 up to young adults Because of the sheer range, many of the activities will not be useful to most practitioners I am a KS2 teacher yet the majority of the activities deal specifically with teenagers who have had dealings with gangs, alcohol or drug abuse, or time in youth custody Other ones are aimed at primary aged children and may not be useful to youth workers However, whether you work with kids, teenagers or young adults, there is a wealth of resources here for you and the clear contents and classifications make them easy to locate.This is a superb resource for anyone working with children or young people and I heartily recommend it.

  12. Customer Customer says:

    Great book Love using it

  13. T. Fleming T. Fleming says:

    I love the drama books in this series As a veteran drama teacher I m always looking for new ideas and new games to teach skills These are filled with many new games that aren t the same tired games that have been around for 50 years.

  14. leslie Edmunds leslie Edmunds says:

    Totally unsuitable for out of school drama games for hyperactive age group, 10 14 years Appears geared to the recidivist teenager