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Drawing A Circle In The Square Street Performing In New York S Washington Square Park By Sally Harrison Pepper This Gratifying Study Of A Phenomenon That Has Imprinted Itself Upon The Folklore Of Big City Life Is A Joyful Book Focusing Upon The Street Performers In Washington Square Park In New York City While Documenting The Complex Expressions Of Street Performance In A Specific Outdoor Environment Over A Period Of Four Years, Drawing A Circle In The Square Gives A Broad Examination To The Relationship Between Outdoor Performance And Urban Culture In This Book We Learn That Most American Cities Prohibit Street Performance, Charging Such Entertainers With Vagrancy, Soliciting, Or Disturbing The Peace Yet The Street Performer Joyfully, Cautiously, Heroically Persists On Sidewalks Throughout The Country, In Theatres Reduced To Their Barest Essentials, The Performer Juggles, Blows Fire, Performs Magic, And Tells Jokes, Appealing Both To Our Sense Of Humor And To Our Longing For A Moment Of Spontaneity In Our City Structured Lives Drawing A Circle In The Square Is The First Scholarly Documentation And Analysis Of Street Performance Based Primarily Upon Original Research, It Makes A Contribution That Is As Much Toward A Mode Of Performance Literature As Toward A Particular Subject Promoting The Study Of Performance As An Important And Valuable Vehicle For Interdisciplinary Research And Thought, It Is A Model Of The Kinds Of Research Being Developed In The Emerging Field Of Performance Studies Sally Harrison Pepper Is A Professor Of Interdisciplinary Studies At Miami University In Ohio

4 thoughts on “Drawing a Circle in the Square: Street Performing in New York's Washington Square Park

  1. Joe Pine Joe Pine says:

    Harrison Pepper s descriptions of the performances and players of Washington Square are top rate, but it s with her analysis of street performance that she really shines She explains the street as stage, how the script of such performances is written between the performer and the audience, and how they turn city space into theater place I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be a street performer, wants to understand street theatre, or who ever watches such performances and wants to do so from a knowing perspective.And, perhaps amazingly, what Harrison Pepper writes about has wonderful applications to business So, whether you re in the business of theatre or the theatre of business, read this book

  2. Mark Nizer Mark Nizer says:

    I came to work Washington Square Park a year after this book was published and it was one of the greatest thrills of my life This book captures the subtle nuances and politics of the Carneige Hall of street performing The author really got to know the performers and was there long enough to learn what is really happening in this amazing space I came to know many of the performers in this book and it was a thrill to learn about their past and inspiration that brought them to this place Street performing is the ultimate test for any performer It makes you better by sheer need I was lucky enough to work the circle in the fountain and will always cherish that memory and the book that brought it all back so vividly

  3. Customer Customer says:

    Though the book is hopelessly outdated and the author clearly does not write for people outside of academic and sociological circles, Pepper does come up with some unique insights about street performers and improptu theater I definitely saw Washington Square Park differently after reading this.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    My name is Peter Shub I appear throughout the book beginning already on page 1 Was a long time ago that I was a street performer Was wonderful training and preperation for what followed as a theatre career Now I am in Germany and hope that Sally finds me again Could lead to another booka comicbook.