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This has been an exciting opportunity for me and my girlfriend She is from Zimbabwe and I am from the United States This gives us an opportunity to learn about each other s native languages Thanks Brent Only thing is this item is a little over priced. I had struggled to find a Shona dictionary in bookshops in Zimbabwe when i found this one on A very useful book, i use it everyday since i am busy researching and writing stories of olden days of Shona life as part of my Paivepo Heritage Institute initiative info paivepo.org I absolutely love the illustrations which help a lot in recalling and identifying specific things, especially animals.There are however, quite a few words that i could not find in the dictionary so i have started building my own excel dictionary of extra words. The companion volume to A Basic English Shona Dictionary is now widely available for the first time outside Africa It contains some , main entries, and an additionalwords, derived or borrowed from other languages For each entry, definitions in Shona and English translations are given Some introduction on the structure of the Shona language is provided