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This is a highly polished resource giving an a good introduction to the language especially for readers who wish to pick up key phrases and also who wish to become a little prepared for the possible responses of other speakers in conversation But, I d really like a book which shows the reader just how the patterns in the language build up I m using a book published in Poland for polish children, which gradually introduces the reader to new patterns in the language. Good course with easy to follow dialogues and activities Would be great if, in the text, the pronunciation of Polish words and phrases was imitated in English sound syllables as well. Trying to teach me ole brain new tricks taken me 3 days to learn the 5 basic greetings anyhow it s all good bit long winded to start but I m sure will get there eventually this is unusable, because the cds are so tight on the cd holder in the case and overlapping each other that the first cracked when I was trying to get it out a waste of good money for absolutely nothing. UK s bestselling language learning audio seriesThe accompanying booklet is also available at collinsdictionary resourcesThis Polish Audio Course is the perfect companion for holidays and business trips in Poland Easy to use fast, flexible and portable Easy to follow just listen, speak and learn Easy to learn no complex grammarEasy Learning Polish teaches you key words for the most important situations and lets you expand your language through a variety of activities You choose whether to focus on learning the essentials or to progress to some challenging activities so whether you re a beginner, or you want to refresh and build upon your existing knowledge, you can become confident in Polish without even having to pick up a penContainsbooklet andCDs withhours of audio I m sure it s good for some but for me I found it to boring to want to learn Better off with the interactive apps you can now get, An excellent course Track 2 covers track 1 plus a little and so on I ve been rubbish with these things in the past but this really took me You ll be saying it before you know it Really excellent for getting you going but I d have struggled without the BBC Phrase Book and Dictionary too. Substantial vocabulary, phrases for the new learner.