{kindle} Edexcel Spanish for A Level Student's Book (EAML)Author Mike Thacker – Bilb-weil.de

Provide your students with superb support through comprehensive coverage of AS an A and a wealth of integrated language learning opportunities Edexcel Spanish for A Level is written by experts and endorsed by Edexcel It offers comprehensive coverage of the specification topics through a carefully planned teaching scheme to ensure effective language learning and effective exam preparation Edexcel Spanish for A Level is supported by Dynamic Learning online resources Visit dynamic learning to start your free trialFor the full range of support for Edexcel A Level Spanish, see also Audio CD Set Teacher s Resource Book Edexcel Spanish Grammar for A Level

9 thoughts on “Edexcel Spanish for A Level Student's Book (EAML)

  1. lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer says:

    This is the worst textbook I have ever come across I just don t see the point of it The book consists of a ragbag of texts, mostly from newspapers and magazines so of limited literary value and with insubstantial content, loosely grouped under chapter headings such as Work, Education, the Environment etc The authors of the textbook do not attempt to draw any themes from the texts or stimulate discussion based on them The texts do not on the whole contain enough material to form the basis for a discussion or an essay Oh, and occasionally a poem is dropped in for no reason, with no context and no connection with the rest of the chapter.No regard has been paid to the linguistic level of the texts the grammatical structures used in the last chapter are no different from those in the first The very first chapter which is meant to be a transition between GCSE and AS level has a text which contains a very complex sequence of tenses conditional and future imperfect subjunctive which would stretch university students Frequent use is made of the present and imperfect subjunctive with no attempt to explain their use Indeed the grammar section at the end of the book is skimpy and rudimentary in the extreme the authors clearly could not be bothered to write a useful grammar or to think up the exercises and drills which are so important in learning and practising a language and simply tell the reader to go out and buy a grammar Indeed there are a lot of extras to be bought the CDs which supply the listening element cost several hundred pounds, a school may be able to supply these the teacher s book is another hundred and the internet resource excitingly titled Dynamic Learning is only available through schools.If you can possibly avoid this book do so.

  2. Lola5 Lola5 says:

    The CD does not work with the latest Mac operating system Yosemite impossible to install On the Installation Instructions it also states that the CD is not compatible with Leopard OS which as far as I remembers is a about 3 generations behind Yosemite waste of money don t buy.

  3. lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer says:

    Definitely a bad buy Too difficult in the so called transition section with scant grammatical help However the worst thing about this book is that the audio resources are difficult to source, non compatible with new operating systems or extortionately expensive.


    The book is all you would expect but the accompanying audio disc is in fact a CD ROM which will not play on ordinary CD players.This is a frustrating aspect and does not match advertised claims.

  5. Jerry Gunnell Jerry Gunnell says:

    The book was ok but the enclosed CD was not compatible with current versions of windows so is unusable

  6. Jaime Alvarez Jaime Alvarez says:


  7. Mrs. S. J. Soley Mrs. S. J. Soley says:

    Bought for my daughter who is currently doing combined GCSE and A Level Spanish from scratch She finds it very useful for reading and listening comprehensions.

  8. L. M. L. M. says:

    An excellent resource.

  9. Cliente lincolnshirecleaning.co Cliente lincolnshirecleaning.co says:

    Dice traer el CD y no lo trae, considero que es publicidad absolutamente enga osa Sin el CD el libro no sirve para nada.