books pdf Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician & Technician By Richard Cadena –

This is an absolutely A book for any lighting technician who s interested in the principles behind what we re doing, or who hopes to do any technical troubleshooting at all Cadena picks up where Harry Box leaves off this book has very minimal one chapter practical set skills, but goes into great detail explaining the WHY It also has a couple pages of example problems at the end of each chapter, with the solutions at the back, just like high school If you re a neck down kinda guy, you don t need and won t enjoy this book If you geek out on understanding WHY we figure eight feeder aka, why coiled feeder sucks juice without doing any work lighting or HOW power factor comes to exist, rather than just understanding you need to overbuild the distro, this book is for you I don t expect to ever sit down with a calculator and run trig to understand the degree of phase shift from a ballast while on set, but I do think wrapping my head around this stuff has made me a much better technician, and will help me problem solve the ever increasing complexity that is entertainment power. The Application Of Electricity For The Theatre, Concert Stage, Television Studio, Or Any Other Production Environment Differs From That Of A Residence Or Commercial Building Electricity For The Entertainment Electrician Technician Is The Only Reference On The Market That Covers These Differences, Explaining What Entertainment Electricians And Technicians Need To Know And Why It Not Only Reinforces The Fundamentals Of Electricity, Power Distribution, And Electrical Safety, But Also Explains The Latest Developments In Technology For The Live Entertainment Professional And Aspiring Professional Written By An Entertainment Technician Certification Program ETCP Recognized Trainer, This Reference Supports Practicing Electricians And Technicians, And Provides New Technicians The Assistance Needed For A Successful Career In The Entertainment Industry Fully Updated, The Second Edition Contains New Information On Systems, Protocols, Regulations, And Safety Standards, Both Domestic And International Additional Resources, Including Conversion Tables, Voltage Spreadsheets, Articles From Lighting Sound International, Lighting Sound America, And Protocol, And Animations And Illustrations Depicting Electricity And Electric Power Distribution Developed For The Author S Workshops, Can Be Found On The Companion Website Entertainmentelectricity This book has great information and it is presented in an interesting and entertaining way, with lots of history of the discovery of electricity to keep the material interesting You definitely need to read this book while you re prepared to study the subject Also helpful to have a good grounding in math if you want to maximize your learning.The only unfortunate part is that I have the kindle edition and many of the formulae presented are unreadable, which makes it challenging to work along with the text. I have been on the job for 16 years now and like most electricians in the entertainment industry I learned by following practices I know some of the theory and I know a lot of what works and doesn t work but I frequently didn t know WHY things did or didn t work This book has really opened my eyes and I genuinely think I am a better electrician for it. As a studio lighting guy turned Technical Director I quickly found out there was a lot I didn t really know about electricity Once you leave behind engineered drops of 20 60A stagepins, the world gets complicated quite a bit And, for liabilitiy s sake, most electricians won t go into too great of detail But you NEED to know this stuff if you re planning full shows from the ground up Enter this book well written, straight up tells you when to involve someone with knowledge, and easy to comprehend A great addition to any show professional s library