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Turkish is the primary language of some thirty million people Anyone concerned with current social, political, and cultural developments in Turkey knows that a practical understanding of the basic patterns of modern Turkish is an invaluable skill that until now has been difficult to attain without extensive trainingThis superb grammar and exercise text, used successfully for years in Princeton University, enables English speaking students in and out of the classroom to gain a quick and thorough understanding of modern Turkish In a carefully arranged sequence oflessons, Lewis V Thomas, late Professor of Oriental Studies at Princeton, presents thorough coverage that allows the student to begin to use the basic patterns of modern Turkish without time consuming and expensive private instructionThe method of instruction was devised after an extensive analysis of results in Princeton classrooms, and relies on exercises at the end of each lesson to test the student s grasp of the material Beginning with the alphabet and numbers, Professor Thomas offers clear, concise coverage of articles, adjectives and nouns, common infinitives, personal pronouns, and elementary verbs As the student s comprehension of basic elements develops, further lessons deal withcomplicated subjects such as the possessive construction, past general verbs, postpositions, the partitive, progressive verb forms, and abbreviating verb forms A complete Turkish English glossary translates new vocabulary occurring in the exercisesNorman Itzkowitz, Professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, has skillfully made the necessary revisions and additions to complete Professor Thomas work For anyone who needs to communicate in this important and influential language, Professor Thomas proven course, now in an inexpensive paperback edition, is the most effective method available

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