[Read Online] ESPANA VIVA ACTIVITY BOOK NEW EDITION (España Viva)Author Maria A.S De Devlin – Bilb-weil.de

An old version of the BBC Spanish course but excellent quality god for the price, second hand and only a penny great item,many thanks Bought this as a gift. These Cds are the accompaniment to the BBC Book ESPANA VIVA a Spanish Course for beginners I have only listened to the first one but it is clear and easy to follow Recommended for absolute beginners. Book was in very good condition, very helpful for Spanish for beginners. Very good course Espaa Viva aims not only to teach Spanish but also something about the people who speak it Ideal for those who know little or no Spanish, it is carefully structured to suit learners without much time to study Thisactivity bookis closely linked to the course book, which is available separately, and provides a wide variety of exercises to practise the grammar points covered in it Brief summaries of each grammar point, an answer key and a test to check your progress are also included page activity book The Espaa Viva course bookand CDsare available to buy either individually or as part of a pack It was a bit too basic for my needs, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone over 18 headed to Spain for vacation I say over 18 because it s got a adult quality than, say, a high school textbook usually has. I havent received this book and have been waiting since June, so what should I do Thanks for your quick reply please.