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Knowing a few simple phrases of Malay opens up an entirely new, fulfilling travel experience Malaysians love it if you can communicate in their language, and in only a few short hours this book allows you to do just that Everyday Malay is designed specifically with the visitor in mind, and contains everything you need to begin communicating effectively from the very first day

12 thoughts on “Everyday Malay: Phrasebook and Dictionary

  1. travellerab travellerab says:

    This is a really good introduction to Malay and has lots of information for travellers food,customs, getting around,etc as well as getting you started with the language There is enough grammar so that you can make a good attempt at being understood without getting too bogged down, and concentrates on the things that are going to be the most useful for a visitor and its interesting Not something you can say about every language guide The one drawback is that there is no CD with it and I think that hearing the language spoken makes things a lot easier, but if you are just going to buy one book then I would definitely recommend this one.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    A good book for learning everyday Malay Only thing is my Kindle edition has numerous spelling errors of Malay words Luckily I can make out what they are supposed to be with help of a good dictionary.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    Generally well laid out.Was it typed up from hand written notes, not proof read Annoying typos, spelling errors, incorrect breaks in words.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    The lettering in the book is far too small

  5. J Harold J Harold says:


  6. Perspicatious Perspicatious says:

    The book provides a structured and accessible introduction to the Malay language No previous knowledge of the language is assumed.The author s have very diligently compiled a text which focuses on Malay it is actually spoken colloquially as opposed to overloading the reader with grammatical syntax.I actually used the 1st edition of this book to launch my Bahasa Malaysia experience I have on numerous occasions been mistaken as a native speaker The book contains a dictionary at the book of the most commonly used understood words.This book is by far the best I have come across introducing Malay to a complete or a familiar speaker the language.

  7. Mr. Nh Keenan Mr. Nh Keenan says:

    We often go to Malaysia and although I have a small knowledge of the language, I just wanted to improve on this.I found the book very good value and very helpfull.

  8. Olivier Veteau Olivier Veteau says:

    I was hoping to find a practical reading with typical situations which this ebook seems to offer.However reading of the first 10 pages showed at least few typing errors per page Gonggu, Khabur boik, Puun,.Unfortunately the spelling errors happen to be on the Malay words, not english which may be very misleading for a new Malay learner It is disappointing considering that the overall structure looks very interesting and easy to read.I suspect a direct digitization of the book with no post conversion verification While I ve just asked for refund, please look into it and correct it, I d be happy to buy a revised release.Meanwhile, I may try the physical book which has apparently good reviews.

  9. Yumi Inoue Yumi Inoue says:

    Since most phrase books are pretty much the same it all comes down to price and the situations you will find yourself in if you are tourist you will find in this book The important part of any book is not just being able to ask a question but being able to understand the response which this book helps you.

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  11. D. I. Smith D. I. Smith says:

    I found this book the perfect companion to my month long trip to Malaysia last year Very useful The dictionary is a little brief, but it s pretty good for an intro.

  12. faisal H. faisal H. says:

    Nicely done as expected.