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Learning Russian is an exciting challenge even saying hello and goodbye seems daunting Whether you re planning a trip to Russia or adding a valuable second language to your resume, this book is just what you need Julia Stakhnevich, a native Russian speaker, will help you to Recognize and read Cyrillic letters Pronounce Russian words like a native Ask for directions, order dinner, and conduct business Hold your own in a conversation Inside, you ll find step by step lessons in vocabulary, grammar, and conversation and the companion CD provides beneficial practice to perfect your accent With The Everything Learning Russian Book with CD, you ll see how much fun learning Russian can be

15 thoughts on “Everything Learning Russian Book with CD: Speak, Write, and Understand Russian in No Time! (Everything: Language and Literature)

  1. Yinyin Yinyin says:

    The author clearly loves her mother tongue and the cultural notes are interesting, but as learning material not great printing and typos, unclear organizations and all in all feels like random reading

  2. kevin craddock kevin craddock says:

    Good ,but like a number of such books ,struggles to convey how to use the Russian alphabet.

  3. Adam Adam says:

    This is a great way to learn Russian Definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn Fast delivery

  4. bullfinch bullfinch says:

    A good book for the complete beginner.

  5. elks1235 elks1235 says:

    Superb Russian language book, very easy to understand and the cd helps with the pronunciation Great value.

  6. Lena Lena says:

    I have bought this book for teaching other people Which didn t work This book has stories than conversational topics and exercises The grammar topics as well are not predisposed to be tough for the big audience in the class, as for bought this book, and put it in the bookcase. it has some amazing stories about Russian language and culture. but it you want to learn the language with the teacher, that s not the best option, as for me

  7. Andrea Andrea says:


  8. sukipuki sukipuki says:

    Doesn t properly teach time Doesn t teach counting Doesn t tell you how to introduce yourself my name is until late in the book like i am to run around Russia with everyone knowing my name already.Cd is clear and easy to follow.I would of probably returned it if i didn t write in it already.

  9. Swarup Swarup says:

    A good book to learn about Russian culture and language.

  10. Natacha Natacha says:

    Great book

  11. Hillar S Lilles Hillar S Lilles says:

    A good starter Russian text book.

  12. Cliente de Cliente de says:

    I think the book is great, and the CD is not bad, I have seen people complaining about the CD but I have heard another Russian audios for learning and definitely the one that comes with the books is way better , But I recommend the people that you should do some research about the Russian language before buying it, so it would be easier to understand, please don t start to read the book when you don t know anything because that would make it confusing.

  13. souwolf souwolf says:

    Don t be fooled by the book title This is definitely not a book for the beginners It is probably better to rename as something like A linguistics and cultural review and examination of the Russian language or similar academic research titles Certainly not a book for learning Russian from ground zero Even the pronunciations in the CD are too fast for beginners Maybe you will find it useful after a couple semesters of learning Russian.

  14. Mr. Dan Mr. Dan says:

    I have done several Russian courses including Pimsleur, Michel Thomas and Rosetta Stone, which were all excellent I got this book as an afterthought, to get the free shipping What a surprise Usually with the Russian courses the books immediately get into some incomprehensible discussion about the case system which is pretty much unusable And you end up not learning anything else In my opinion, most courses that are for beginners in Russian are not for true beginners as the case system is just too hard to learn You can memorize the rules, maybe, but how will you use them when speaking This book did not do this It is probably the most usable intro book I have seen It has tons of recordings 92 , and all are very clear The grammar is covered but there is so much in this book that was useful Someone really knew what they were doing when they selected the content I should mention that it is not really a full course but provides some excellent references that are grouped together conveniently It was an excellent supplement to my Russian studies.Here is an example of how useful and well thought out the recordings are There is a table of words with and without palatalization the soft sign One column would be a word with the soft sign, the second column, the same spelling without the soft sign This is obviously needed yet amazingly this is the only place I have seen it.

  15. Matthew Matthew says:

    Just loved this book I m a native Russian speaker and trying to teach my american hubby basics, and this edition perfectly fits for essentials like a proper alphabet and grammar And I love the small articles and facts, which help me to remember my roots and motivate my better half by immersing him in a culture and history of Russian people Because, you know, studying language necessarily consists knowing the nation which you want to discover.