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I bought this book after trying to paint my daughter s face so she looked like a pirate Oh dear I didn t do very well and like all rubbish would be face painters I blamed my tools I quickly realised that there s quite a lot to learn about face painting and based on the other reviews for this book I made the purchase I m so pleased that I did The book has a section on materials good and techniques very good , and then goes on to give guidance on 25 friendly faces and 25 fiendish faces excellent.The book is pretty much A4 sized, each friendly face has a double page spread with a full sized finished face on the left and around 6 smaller pictures with notes on the right This format continues with the fiendish faces, although 2 or 3 of the complex ones run to 4 pages.There is also a 30 minute DVD included which shows 2 extra demonstrations.As another reviewer mentioned, it would be an improvement if this was spiral bound so that it opened completely flat, but hey ho, it s still manageable If you happen to new to face painting me , then do be prepared to spend a fair amount of money on materials if you d like to get the best results The sky s the limit, but I reckon at least 25 to start, and like 50 for a good starter selection kit.Good book and good luck Update 21 11 15Have spent quite a bit of time with this book recently and have had some very complimentary comments from my daughters parents The main point of the update is to say that it can take rather a long time to paint a fiendish face on a five year old in my case it was an hour and three quarters but really worth my efforts and my daughter s patience Bought it for my daughter who does face painting for a hobby She thought it was excellent with lots of ideas and techniques. I bought this as my kids are always asking me to facepaint, but I m bored of tigers and dogs Some of them are highly detailed and not easy to do on kids, but for Halloween or fancy dress parties, they are ideal Most of the guidelines are really easy to follow, allowing even complete beginners to get a professional look.I love looks like the peacock as they are simple and elegant, yet look amazing. Great book filled with varied designs and easy to follow instructions.Disk was very handy.Would recommend that you photocopy the designs to display rather than letting children look through the book as it will save time when you are working Great buy, highly recommend. Whether you re looking for fun and friendly costumes, or strikingly horrible masquerades, this easy to follow book shows readers how to paint super cool face designs step by step, starting with materials and basic techniques moving on toprojects of the most popular subjects from basic to advanced Readers can create striking faces including animals, romantic themes, humorous characters, sports and Halloween themes This book has some great face painting ideas One thing which would have made it even better is if it had a ring binder then the pages would lay flat while you are copying the illustrations smashing