Free Audible Extreme Face Painting: 50 Friendly & Fiendish Step-by-Step DemoAuthor Brian Wolfe –

Step by step instructions, with photos, additional tips and tricks Great resource. Whether You Re Looking For Fun And Friendly Costumes, Or Strikingly Horrible Masquerades, This Easy To Follow Book Shows Readers How To Paint Super Cool Face Designs Step By Step, Starting With Materials And Basic Techniques Moving On To Projects Of The Most Popular Subjects From Basic To Advanced Readers Can Create Striking Faces Including Animals, Romantic Themes, Humorous Characters, Sports And Halloween Themes Attractive book in full color, but too many children s designs I thought that this book focused on adult designs Also, the CD that came with the book would not load on my Windows 10 computer. Great basic makeup book for basic Halloween makeup This is nice to have if you have very little or basic skills in applying makeup and you want a few tools to add to your arsenal Some really great face designs, especially the galaxy face and the green skull Overall, a nice basic book with some good basic face painting suggestions. Absolutely love this book, glad that I purchased it As a beginner face paint artist, I was looking for ideas and how to s on extreme looks This book covers simple to extreme Didn t realize that it came with a DVD which shows you how to create 3 looks I love how the Wolfe brothers make it look so simple Actually with continued practice it is.I was also impressed how most all of the looks were created with just 2 tools sponge and 3 round brush I am excited and have been practicing every since Quick shipping from was awesome as always.If you are starting out or if you are looking to paint than butterflies and teardrops, pick up this book.Let s Go Ya ll First, this is a fantastic book with great photos and cool designs, just like everyone says, BUT I recently bought the Wolfe Brothers Step by Step book for Animals, and 12 out of the 15 designs in that book are also in this Extreme book I was so mad when I started flipping thru and saw the exact same designs that I already paid for That is the only other Wolfe book I own, so I am now very hesitant to buy any since those designs are probably in this one as well I m very surprised that they published the same designs in two different books, even using some of the exact same pictures Oh well like I said, great book, but definitely be wary of picking up their other cheat books without first finding out what the designs are and comparing them I am excited to watch the videos though.