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Revered In Newcastle And The North East, Sir Bobby Robson Is A Man Whose Fame Knows No Boundaries And Who Enjoys Phenomenal Popularity His Hugely Successful Playing Days With Fulham And West Brom In The S And S, His England Caps And His Brilliant Management Career Over The Past Years Mean That He Has Inspired Generations Of Fans He Has Been Witness To Some Of The Most Historic Sporting Moments Throughout His Incredible Career, And In His Book Remembers Epic Incidents From The Hand Of God To The Tears Of Gazza He Also Relives Leading England Through Two World Cups, And The Pain Of Coming Within A Penalty Kick Of The World Cup Final Sir Bobby S Story Is A Rich And Diverse One And This Autobiography Will Celebrate His Remarkable Life

8 thoughts on “Farewell But Not Goodbye: My Autobiography

  1. Marc Marc says:

    I love this book.I am not a big reader at all however this book held my interest and I looked forward to my morning and evening commutes so I could start reading it again.I am a Newcastle fan, and born there too, so maybe I am interested in Bobby than most, however given that Bobby was involved with so many teams, in so many country s and did so much for charity, any footballing fan could find something interesting in this book.This book would also appeal to anyone who enjoys history, as the book goes through his upbringing in the coal mines and how life has changed from then and the modern day.If you remember the tone and the way Bobby spoke you will enjoy this book even , as I was able to read this in my head like Bobby was narrating the book to me Perhaps that s what all good books are able to do, just this one seemed special.

  2. chris chris says:

    great book and a good read,unfortunately its a reminder of how football and people like the great Sir Bobby used to be before Sky came calling and corrupted everything with there filthy lucre.From a a good working class family,he went from working in the pits to managing some of the greatest clubs in the world,including Barcelona,a great footballing story.

  3. Kelvin Green Kelvin Green says:

    Had been meaning to buy read this book for many years as Sir Bobby was a real hero of mine it turned out to be a great holiday read.

  4. Dr. J. Brooks Dr. J. Brooks says:

    If football is your interest, hobby or life, even if it s not, you will very much enjoy and appreciate this latest autobiography of Bobby Robson Bobby just seems to have always been around in football but his story, comments and wise counsel are fresh and appropriate to today s world of modern international football If the saying BeenDone it..Got the T Shirt applies to anyone it truely applies to Bobby Robson Do read the book you ll enjoy it for who Bobby Robson is, as well as what he has done in his 72 years of life.Will keep looking at this site to see if FS of Newcastle provides a review and 5 Stars.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    Very good prompt service

  6. MR I ALOM MR I ALOM says:

    Great guy, great book

  7. ian rolinson ian rolinson says:

    Very good condition great price looking forward to reading this book

  8. mark irving mark irving says:

    good read