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For Professional Cyclists, Going Faster And Winning Are, Of Course, Closely Related Yet Surprisingly, For Many, A Desire To Go Faster Is Much Important Than A Desire To Win Someone Who Wants To Go Faster Will Work At The Details And Take Small Steps Rather Than Focusing On Winning Winning Just Happens When You Do Everything Right It S The Doing Everything Right That S Hard And That S What Fascinates And Obsesses Michael Hutchinson With His Usual Deadpan Delivery And An Awareness That It S All Mildly Preposterous, Hutchinson Looks At The Things That Make You Faster Training, Nutrition, The Right Psychology And Explains How They Work And How What We Know About Them Changes All The Time He Looks At The Things That Make You Slower And Why They Do So And How Attempts To Avoid Them Can Result In Serious Athletes Gradually Painting Themselves Into The Most Peculiar Lifestyle Corners Faster Is A Book About Why Cyclists Do What They Do About What The Riders, Their Coaches, And The Boffins Get Up To Behind The Scenes And About Why The Whole Idea Of Going Faster Is Such An Appealing, Universal Instinct For All Of Us If you re a runner, a triathlete, or especially a cyclist, this is the book for you The legendary Dr Hutch walks us through the art and science of producing a world class cyclist, with frequent references both to the author s own experience as the dominant athlete in domestic time trialling in the UK for many years and to the extraordinarily successful British Cycling approach which scooped almost all the Olympic track medals, a good proportion of the road medals and a couple of Tours de France over the last few years For a book about the science of training this is amazingly easy to read, and the authors self deprecating sense of humour really shines through as he takes us through the basic biology of performance, training, nutrition, coaching, psychology and genetics.This isn t really a book on how to train, or a sports science book It s really an overview of how the whole fits together, and an explanation of the philosophy that s been so successful for the GB cyclists, often contrasted entertainingly with the author s own home grown attempts to do similar things You won t come away from this book knowing what to eat and which interval sessions to do three weeks before your A race, but you will have a much better understanding of why you need to think about these things and how they contribute to your overall performance.If you are interested in endurance sport, or in how to make a faster cyclist from a slower one, you should read this book, if only so that there are fewer people who annoy me by talking rubbish about lactic acid. I enjoyed The Hour by Michael and as i have always wondered why some riders can just ride fast so i thought i would give it a go Its well written and is not over technical or scientific which i prefer and has certainly made me review my coaching advice It also answers the questions that we all have when reviewing the results board after an event Having been caught in time trials by Michael a few times over the years and also by many top riders over the years i realized long ago that i was not equipped to be able to ride at 49 pace and now i know why.Its a lottery and you either have it or you dont have it but good training and diet coupled with determination will take you a long way but if you don t possess all the ace cards you are not going to win any Olympic gold medals Thanks Michael for a very interesting read and mi now reading it again. I would recommend this to anyone even vaguely interested in cycling Whilst some of the technical details might be interesting to the competitive rider, the narrative and humour is always made entertaining and interesting Hutchinson is not only a brilliant wit but an accomplished and experienced athlete and this he uses to the best effect in this book Buy it