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Former Airline Ticket Agent Reveals All The Secrets About The Airlines From The Author I Worked At Newark International Airport In Newark, New Jersey For Several Major Airlines All Of The Tips, Secrets, And Little White Lies You Ll Need To Get You The Lowest Fare, And A Free Upgrade To First Class Are In This Book Great For First Time Travelers, Or For A Frequent Travelers Over , Copies Have Been Sold Don T Be Like Virtually Every Airline Passenger Asking For First Class And Getting Rejected Know The Secrets That Will Get You In A First Class Seat For Free, Every Time Learn The Security Secrets And Breaches You Never Heard On TV Learn The Lies The Check In Agents Are Trained To Tell The Passengers, And Learn What Mechanical Failure On The Airplanes Really Means I Ll Show You How To Get Flights At Over% Off Their Original Price Want To Sit In First Class Want To Get Paid For Missing Your Flight Want To Know Where You Could Travel For Free How To Get On Overbooked Flights How To Get Paid For Missing Your Flight How To Get Your Baggage To Its Final Destination Every Time How To Get The LOWEST FARE Every Time You Book A Flight How To Get Bumped To First Class What To Tell The Ticket Agents The Next Time You Check In How To Get Seats Next To Your Traveling Companion What Airport Security Is REALLY All About What The Ticket Agent And Gate Agent Is Hiding From You Instructions On Buying Standby Tickets For % Off Full Fare Prices Things You Never Knew About Flight Attendants Tricks Used By The Ticket Agents, Gate Agents, Etc Every Published Fare For Any Flight Domestic And Int L The Most Dangerous Airports In America How Tight Airport Security Is In Reality Airline Travel For Oversized Passengers What Is The Best Seat On The Plane And How To Get It E Ticket Vs Paper Ticket Know Your Rights As A Passenger Flight Tactics Frequent Flyer TacticsThat Are Just Plane Devious New Handling Nasty Ticket Agents What The Airlines Don T Tell You If You Don T Want To Be Bumped From A Flight To Save The Airfare The Most Dangerous Airports In The US Lost Baggage Airlines Air Traveler Beware Retirement Discount Travel Deals

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