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These short stories make up Ian McEwan s first published work Back in 1975 he was experimenting, as he has said, and trying to find his voice They are not particularly appealing or enlightening, apart from demonstrating how a great writer starts off Nearly all of them concern rather unpleasant or peculiar characters a theme he picks up in his novels But most of these stories are simple, mainly reflecting one viewpoint and telling one simple story in the order that it happens I would only recommend them for fans of Ian McEwan or writing students. Pleased It s unsettling, eerie, poetic, and very absorbing The stories paint a picture that is very vivid and the characters are fully formed in such simple descriptions A very enjoyable collection of short stories. Very typical of his stories but thus us a series of short stories with odd endings some are rather boring , but His very early work In the 80s This is a brilliant exposition of how the young mind perceives its own development Our understanding of adulthood and our confusions about our deepest feelings are all addressed with clarity and humour. Stories and writing a bit underdeveloped I have read almost all IanMcwan s books and this is probably the least enjoyable Although chronologically first I think this book is probably not a good place to start for anyone new to his work as this may put you off and cause you to miss some of his later excellent work. A good read The fortieth anniversary edition of Ian McEwan s first book, now with an introduction from the authorForty years on from first publication, these stories display McEwan s dazzling early talent Taut, brooding and densely atmospheric, they are stories of sex and loneliness, adolescence and incest, love and murder, and they linger in the mind long after they are finished This special edition includes a piece by the author on how he came to write First Love, Last Rites and rare archive material including manuscript pages, early publicity material and the cover of the first edition A good read but as it was recommended thats really why I bought it,but I will buy of his as it turns out my daughter likes him too.. A bit off the wall for a first novel but..that s Ian McEwan for you