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A fresh, bright new edition in the best selling First Thousand Words series Stephen Cartwright s delightful pictures encourage direct association of the Russian word with the object, ensuring effective learning for language beginners of all ages Readers can now find out how to pronounce every Russian word in this book, by listening to a native Russian speaker on the Usborne Quicklinks website

13 thoughts on “First Thousand Words in Russian

  1. Annoushka Annoushka says:

    I bought it for my bilingual 18 month old daughter, but mainly as a picture book at that point she liked looking at pictures and asking questions It s a good value for money, lots of nice things situations to talk about But i m not sure whether it s really helpful in learning the language.Besides giving only russian words transliterations they should have given english words too, because sometimes it s not really clear from the picture what it is For instance, on the page with opposites there is a picture of a boy sitting in the armchair, content and happy, and a girl on a chair with a sour face The writing in russian underneath boy and girl accordingly soft and hard do they mean facial expressions or the chairs Being a russian speaker i can see what the artist means, but it may confuse those who don t know the language There are quite a few examples like this Also some of the words they have given aren t exactly correct For instance, russian people don t use definiton pudding for cakes, tarts, ice creams, etc which, in our opinion, is a typical english term , but we rather call it dessert chips would be called potato fri , and chips for russian speaker are potato crisps etc, etc Apart from that the book is really good.

  2. Anthony Kelly Anthony Kelly says:

    It is what it is. a big picture book Bought for my 4 nd 6 year old to help them with words We mainly use flash cards and this book was to help identify and learn other useful words It is not going to teach you to speak Russian but it is one of the rare books available for children I d like to add that it s a funny type of book in that it seems to have an air of claustrophobia about it Go figure

  3. bishbosh26 bishbosh26 says:

    HiI have a friend in a Russian speaking country and i am trying to learn a little of the language to get from my visits.This book is idea i have learned a few words on my travels and this is so basic with pictures and the words are written in a style tohelp you pronounce them.A great start into learning a wonderful language.Now looking for a collage near Wakefield Leeds that does Russian language courses.

  4. A. R. Smith A. R. Smith says:

    You need to know some Russian before this can be of much value to you, but I do like these Osborne books

  5. Magda Magda says:

    However, I would have liked translations into English under the graphics, instead of having to go to the back of the book to translate the Russian words.

  6. Manchestermetrograd Manchestermetrograd says:

    As others have pointed out, it s very tempting to read the pronuncciation guide rather than struggle with the Cyrillic Still get it though, it s great.

  7. Mark Mark says:

    Excellent service from the supplier and very pleased with the product

  8. marymary marymary says:

    The book is not bad for a beginner because the sketches are helpful although they could ve been better.I would have liked brighter colours and less information per page, it feels as if there s no space, no air in the book.I also would have liked a translation of the verb s section right next to them.Overall, not bad.

  9. stasmar stasmar says:

    Grew up with this book and just loved searching for the duck on every page I decided to buy one for my English speaking husband who s interested in learning some basic vocabulary Very happy to see that the emphasis is highlighted in the English phonetics I wish that it was available as a hardcover, but that is the only thing I would change.

  10. Elisabeth Sattel Elisabeth Sattel says:

    F r Kinder und Erwachsene ein sch nes Buch Vorteil man kann alle Worte auf einer Webseite des Verlags anh ren Dieses Buch ist hervorragend geeignet zum Einstiegen in die fremde Sprachen, zum ben des Lesens in der fremden Schrift Es ist aber einfach auch ein Wimmelbuch f r Kinder Sie k nnen die Bilder am Rand im gro en Bild suchen So ist spielendes Lernen m glich Wenn Sie den Wortschatz einer Sprache neu aufbauen wollen, empfehle ich Ihnen zun chst 1000 W rter zu lernen Dann haben Sie ein gutes Fundament f r das Lernen im Kurs Wenn Sie dann S tze lernen wollen ist nicht jedes Wort neu und es geht viel leichter.

  11. cliente entrecielos.co cliente entrecielos.co says:

    Es el libro perfecto para iniciar a los m s peques en el idioma ruso Con fon tica para saber c mo pronunciar y dibujos muy bonitos.

  12. Christina Tremmel-Turan Christina Tremmel-Turan says:

    Die Serie ist einfach gut.DiDie SerDie Serie ist einfach gut.ie ist einfach gut.e Serie ist einfach gut Die Serie ist einfach gut.

  13. Tatiana Hamlet Tatiana Hamlet says:

    That is a nice book