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Graeme Souness Is A Glasgow Rangers Icon And A Liverpool Legend In The Same Bracket As Kenny Dalglish, Steven Gerrard And Jamie Carragher He Has Racked Up Getting On For Years In And Around The World Of Professional Football The Game Has Been His Life And His Enduring Passion Souness Has Written A Perceptive And Opinionated Autobiography It Chronicles One Of The Most Successful And Colourful Careers In The History Of British Football But It Also Provides An Intriguing Assessment Of The Game Which Has Dominated His Existence, Drawing Extensively On His Incredibly Rich And Varied Experiences As A Player, Manager And Pundit The Result Is A Shrewd, Incisive And Hard Hitting Memoir, At Times Tinged With Hindsight And Regret, Which Also Grapples With Many Of The Major Talking Points Affecting The Game Today It Is Shot Through With Souness Trademark Tenacity And Wisdom And With Fantastic Anecdotes From His Glittering Career In Many Ways, Football My Life, My Passion Is The Story Of The Last Half Century Of British Football Writ Large

8 thoughts on “Football: My Life, My Passion

  1. Jambro Jambro says:

    Intersting points within the book but seemed to skim through a lot of the information which I already knew The Galatarsary incident was just a passing thing he did everyday He does not apologise for much in this book Wanted to know

  2. james c kelly james c kelly says:

    I really liked this book,Graeme Souness is someone who really knows what he s talking about.I found I agreed with virtually everything he said about the game,and his take on the players mentioned in the book.He doesn t sit on the fence,rather he gives an honest opinion.And having been a great player with such a positive winning mentality throughout is career,he has the credentials to give his insightful and common sense take on the game.A few surprises for me along the way also,one being his friendship with Glen Hoddle.Although Graham has mellowed a bit since retiring from management,he still calls it as he sees it.From a personnel level,I feel he would be appreciated even if he allowed himself to see the funny side a little ,in his latter years,rather than just praise or criticism when asked for his opinion as a pundit.

  3. 14th-century.se Customer 14th-century.se Customer says:

    Forthright book talking about the vagaries of modern football compared with how it was One of the best midfielders ever for Middlesbrough alongside Bobby Murdoch.

  4. Katherine Simpson Katherine Simpson says:

    The book was a Christmas present for my son so I ve not read it myself but my son said he really enjoyed reading the book and would recommend it to others that are Graeme Souness fans.

  5. APF APF says:

    Excellent book from a top player and honest pundit at last someone who walked the walk and had the trophies to prove it Touches on some subjects from his previous book in the 90s But in the main talks about the game today and the attitudes of players and effect of the money from Sky Like the way he warns about the future of home international players with lack of playing time in the Premier Leaguebefore Gareth said it

  6. John Campbell, Author of ‘The Secret of Intimate Relationships’ John Campbell, Author of ‘The Secret of Intimate Relationships’ says:

    So much common sense in this book No wonder we tried to sign him for Brighton A great must read.

  7. dickie dickie says:

    Good book and delivered on time as for souness well he got rid of any goodwill Liverpool fans ever had for him over the S N

  8. Jim Jim says:

    Souness is very honest and it makes for a great read I would have liked to hear insight into the dressing rooms particularly during his spell as manager of Liverpool I found the Michael Knighton section interesting and very surprising.Overall a great read.