[[ Free pdf ]] Free Running: A Beginner's Guide on Training in Parkour and Free RunningAuthor Zach Rucker – Bilb-weil.de

I would give it 0 if I could It s a scam It s like the author copy pasted the same 3 paragraphs that are neither useful or informative You can learn about parkour and free running by spending 10 minutes on google There are no illustrations or instructions that are helpful Sadly, some of the information is contradictory to itself For example, one paragraph starts with Parkour does not involve acrobatics The very next paragraph starts with Free running is an art related to parkour that involves acrobatic maneuvers There are only 25 pages, with huge type, double spaced dedicated to free running The rest of the book is a free book about a ketogenic diet that was included as a bonus Most of them are dedicated to FAQs The feeble attempts at instruction are generic and not useful For example, Basic Move 4 Landing and Falling, the author cautions you to figure out where you re going to land before you jump and then goes on to recommend that you land with the balls of your feet touching the ground first, and when you contact the ground bend your knees further but don t over do it so you can roll in a diagonal direction to break your fall Get on google for 10 minutes and you ll be able to write a better book than this Let me know if you do, I might like to buy it. Terrible Absolutely appalling A few pages on how to jump up it suggests you practice jumping first horizontally and then vertically No pictures Half the book is another book on diet and how to loose weight If I could give it minus 5 stars I would Toilet paper DO NOT BUY Was a present for my 11 year old.10 pages of complete drivel about jumping, and the rest of the book is an advert for a ketogenic diet What a swizz.Like the previous reviewer said, Don t waste your money It s SUPER basic Many of the pages are dedicated to the diet an Atkinsesque plan Not for my son. the only thing i learned from this book is that i wasted my money This may be useful for a kid, but if you have any athletic ability whatsoever, you will be sorely dissappointed. This product is a total waste of money How can a beginners guide to free running have no pictures, little details about the basic movements and have half the pages dedicated to ketone diet advice.There are typos throughout and the book quality is leaflet than paperback.Utter rubbish. Most Of Us Never Truly Get The Chance To Feel Free In Our Environments, We Never Get To Experience The Amazing Skill And Abilities That Our Bodies Inherently Have We Don T Often Push Our Own Limits Free Running Changes All Of This Parkour Is An Art Of Movement That Has Its Roots In France It Is A Practice That Demands A High Level Of Discipline Free Running Does Not View Objects In The Urban Environment As Buildings, Sidewalks, And Railings It Views These Objects As Opportunities In Training In Free Running, One Is Able To Increase Their Physical Abilities Dramatically, From Flexibility To Strength To Agility Free Running Is The Ultimate Exercise And The Best Part Is That Doing It Is Incredibly Fun Noted Free Runner Zach Rucker Guides You Through The Amazing World Of Free Running, Teaching You How To Train To Be A Free Runner As Well As Running Through The Basic Moves And A Few Of The Advanced Moves Learning About The Benefits Of Free Running Has Never Been Easier