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Join Anna And Elsa As They Discover A Mysterious Mountain Monster, Have A Royal Sleepover, Babysit The Trolls, And With Frozen Stories That Can Each Be Read In Minutes, This Padded Storybook Is The Perfect Fit For Bedtime, Storytime, Or Anytime

7 thoughts on “Frozen 5-Minute Frozen Stories (5-Minute Stories)

  1. onesixeleven onesixeleven says:

    I bought a couple of different Frozen books for my 4 year old daughter but this was the only one we ended up keeping It has 12 stories in it the first one is the story to the movie so 11 other original Frozen inspired stories based around the characters The stories are Frozen A Royal Sleepover Childhood Times The Frozen Monster Elsa s Gift A New Friend Olaf s Birthday Babysitting the Troll Tots The Ice Games Across the Sea The Midsummer Parade Olaf s Perfect Summer Day.I think these stories are sold as separate books by Little Golden Book but you will pay approx 4 5 EUR per book Here you have 12 stories for less than 12 EUR so approx 1 EUR per story Yes, it s in a big book which is maybe sometimes heavy and inconvenient but we love it and think it s a great deal and must have for any Frozen fan

  2. Melanie Melanie says:

    Meine Mdels lieben Frozen schon seit 2 Jahren und sie werden einfach nicht mde Elsa und Anna zu lieben Und endlich haben wir hier mal ein paar Kurzgeschichten, die uns mehr an dem Alltag der beiden Schwestern teilhaben lassen knnen.

  3. S. Melton S. Melton says:

    Including a picture of the contents page so you can see what stories it contains since it isn t included in the description The cover is sort of puffy and soft.

  4. W Johnson W Johnson says:

    There are TWELVE 5 minute stories The first story is the original Frozen movie The next 11 are original stories about Anna and Elsa I read the first 2 stories to my 4 year old tonight and he begged for 2 stories.The animation and pictures are great.The stories do not disappoint As expected, the stories reinforce sisterhood and friendship Great job Disney Update We ended up with a few duplicates word for word , so here is a list of the stories1 Frozen2 Royal Sleepover3 Childhood Times4 Frozen Monster5 Elsa s Gift6 A New Friend7 Olaf s Birthday8 Babysitting the Troll Tots9 The Ice Games10 Across the Sea11 The Midsummer Parade12 Olaf s Perfect Summer DayMy toddler 4.5 year old and I have all the stories in this book in sequence 3 times now He still loves it.

  5. kstew kstew says:

    I bought this book, along with several Frozen and princess themed Little Golden Books, for my theee year old for Christmas, as she is obsessed with all things Frozen as well as bedtime stories This book is perfect.I would like other buyers to beware, they reuse these stories This exact story is in A Golden book as well I have found that to be the case with most Disney stories and with several of her books The same story is used over and over throughout different books That s kind of disappointing to me But at this point in her life, my toddler doesn t really notice it s the same story, as we don t read both books in the same night I would just prefer not to pay money for the same stories just with different covers But, she enjoys the books and for the price I cannot complain This book is good quality and has several good quick reads, perfect for a sleepy or not so sleepy toddler.

  6. Kathleen B. Kathleen B. says:

    I just received this in the mail today, so this isn t a thorough review I had tried to see the stories it included on here, and it wasn t able to load the other review that included a picture of the contents That makes me suspicious as to whether it s purposely unable to view..Anyways. I ll include the contents as well. I like that each story, with the exception of the original Frozen story, is either 14 or 16 pages each The Frozen story is 18 My daughter is only turning two and a half next month, but absolutely loves books and Frozen This time span is perfect for her attention span preventing antsy or boredom, or just for the parents sake of keeping a schedule time routine Ok As promised 1 Frozen2 A Royal Sleepover3 Childhood Times4 The Frozen Monster5 Elsa s Gift6 A New Friend7 Olaf s Birthday8 Babysitting the Troll Tots9 The Ice Games10 Across the Sea11 The Midsummer Parade12 Olaf s Perfect Summer Day

  7. Morgante Morgante says:

    It is a very nice book nice pictures, see here attached with several stories for children that love the Disney Frozen movie The first story is the story of the movie and then all the other ones are new but they include characters from the movie I like that they are short.I bought it for my 3 and half years old at a great price on cheaper than Target My daughter likes it but I think older girls 5 years may like it even Recommended