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der Figuren stimmen nicht mit dem Hintergrund Sie wirken wie Riesen.Die Magnete sind schwach und halten nicht.Aber meine Tochter hat trotzdem Spa , sind aber nur 3 Sterne. Not what I expected It s a little difficult for the kids to make the scenery picture stick to the magnet backing in the box in order to create senses Instead the just stick the magnets straight on to it without the background sheet I thought it was a book that they stuck to the different pages but it doesn t work like that They still have fun playing with the magnets but honestly after the first week they all wound up in the fridge cause the little box became a hassle. They missed the mark on this one Other magnet sets we ve had were way better The plastic case has only one metal side to stick the magnets to Every other set we ve had has been either made of metal like a tin or has had both sides This one only has one While the number of magnets is ok, the number of snowflakes is disproportionate It s a lot The jewelry Elsa and Anna have have big white borders on it which cover up all their hair or their entire neck It s just not that well done There s a lot they could have done better It doesn t hold my daughters attention, and considering how much she loves Frozen, that says a LOT. I bought this as a gift for my best friend s four year old daughter As far as I know, she enjoyed it for a time, although my best friend was not as pleased As it turned out, there are a ridiculously huge number of tiny little magnetic pieces Tons of snowflakes and other accessories Not only is that dangerous if you have any babies around as she does , but it s also very annoying if you know anything about picking up after kids Who wants to deal with keeping track of all those tiny pieces I suggested to my friend that she accidentally lose some of the snowflakes, and I think that helped her manage the toy a bit, but there still seems to be too many useless pieces to me The four year old would have been just as happy if it was just the characters, a couple dresses, and maybe two or three accessories.Further, the magnets are not very strong Especially if you use the background scenes provided Putting anything between the magnetic board and the magnet people will cause the people to not stick as well And forget about putting a dress on over Elsa or Anna With two layers between the magnetic board and the dress, the dress doesn t have a chance of sticking.Overall, the kid has some fun with the toy, but it s probably not something I would have spent my money on had I had a good look at it first Should have just bought Frozen refrigerator magnets. Readers Will Love Exploring The Magical World From Walt Disney Animation Studio S Latest Film, Frozen, In This Book And Magnetic Play Set Featuring Two Storybooks, Two Magnetic Dolls, Six Play Scenes, And Over Magnets All Stored In A Handy Plastic Carrying Case Readers Can Enjoy This On The Go This play set is perfect for my three girls, ages 3, 5, and 7 We use it at church, where they have to sit for over an hour and be quiet The magnetic part is only on the right side of the box, so don t be surprised if nothing sticks on the left My girls also love simply holding the characters and walking them around the pew at church, so sometimes the play set gets left behind.Very convenient storage the scenes are nice, but my girls don t really play with them that much.Definitely have to be seated to play with this set and the magnetic part is not strong enough to hold the characters in place if you are moving around But the set has been perfect for church or for long meetings where my kids have to be quiet and play without running around.I also have the Sofia and Minnie Mouse magnetic playsets they all get a lot of use The pieces are small and fragile My 2 year old ripped head off one of the dolls The pieces barely have any magnetic ability Pretty disappointed I like the carrying case to keep up with it but only one side magnetic and again hardly works.