Free ePUB Gaeilge Gan Stro! - Beginners Level: A Multimedia Irish Language Course for Adults By Eamonn O Donaill –

This is a wonderful way to start learning Irish as an adult The themes throughout the book are those which would naturally occur in general conversation and the setting is always entirely relevant to daily life At the same time, the approach to grammar is much relaxed As a result the intention seems to be to instil the patterns of the language by hearing and seeing them in action Occasionally you are left wondering why a phrase is worded in the way that it is and this is probably the sort of question that is best left to a rigorous course.After doing all the lessons and exercises, I can say that I ve got a good general understanding of how Irish works, and with plenty of revision a fairly useful vocabulary to practise with The sounds of Irish words, which are often reported to trouble beginners, are sorted by the 4 CDs covering all the words and dialogues These are recorded by native speakers, and they include interviews with interesting Irish speakers, unconnected with the course as such Dialogues however are spoken at regular conversational speed and I needed plenty of re listening to detect all the words and to hear how they were pronounced in context.There are two very good indexes at the back on topics and grammar As you work through the book, you really need to make your own vocabulary list for revision purposes The exercises are a mixture of spoken and written questions the answers to the latter are all given in a Key section at the end With each lesson there are hints for the learner and there is a wealth of information about where further study, reading and contact can be made with the language.I highly recommend this book to all enthusiasts of the language and I look forward to attempting the follow up Lower Intermediate book in this series. Gaeilge gan Str Beginners Level is a multimedia language course for adult learners of Irish It s suitable for those who know no Irish or who only know a few basic sentencesThe emphasis is on developing speaking and listening skills but students are also given opportunities to read and write the language Grammar is taught in context, as it s required The course consists of a book and four audio CDs which are closely linked to the book An online version of the course is available on Gaelchult r s e learning website, ranganna The book and audio CDs can be used independently of the online version of the course This book is amazing, very easy to use for a hard language to learn Arrived quickly and well packaged Best product for anyone wanting to learn Geilge and I have bought quite a few books that do not come near to this. The book content is excellent and the CD s push the product way over the top Pleased with the book It was delivered several days earlier then the expected date. Sehr, sehr gutes g lisches Lehrbuch, alles bestens Sehr, sehr gut geeignet f r den g lischen Unterricht an der Volkshochschule und das Lernen zu Hause Very pleased The book is great for instruction and self guidance Excellent. I am teaching myself Irish on my own, and am using this book along with several others I have found this book to be a useful addition to the mix, although it definitely has pros and cons I would NOT recommend that anyone try to use this as a stand alone course to learn Irish This book will frustrate you to no end if used by itself.Pros Conversational focus, with lots of dialogues Useful, modern, everyday language situations and contexts that you are likely to encounter if traveling to Ireland Tons of audio material on the CDs This course focuses on listening speaking than writing There are great audio exercises to do where you have dialogues with the speakers on the CDs I really like that the CDs feature multiple different speakers, illustrating the three main dialects spoken in Ireland It s great to get accustomed to hearing the variations in pronunciation from speaker to speaker I also like the snippets of real life audio from all over Ireland Navigation is easy The CDs are broken down into multiple short tracks, and every exercise or dialogue in the book is clearly labeled with the track number, so you can navigate directly to the track you want without having to listen to the entire chapter, if you just want to repeat one dialogue, for example The book is very nicely produced.Gigantic Con This book unfortunately does not teach you how Irish works at all The language is presented in entire sentence level chunks, with no explanation of how the sentences are constructed, or even what the individual words mean This is the only language course I have ever encountered with no glossary at the back, and no vocabulary lists in the individual chapters You might think that looking the words up in a dictionary would help, but as anyone who has studied Irish knows, the words undergo lots of mutational changes in various grammatical contexts so yeah, good luck with that, beginner The book does sometimes touch vaguely on some grammar points, but ends up essentially saying you might have noticed that there s some pretty complicated grammar going on here just ignore that and keep memorizing those unanalyzable sentences Personally my brain cannot learn a language this way I simply cannot memorize long strings of nonsense syllables without having any idea of how the whole is constructed from the parts.So why would I recommend this book at all It does have its uses, if you are learning Irish primarily using a different book You can then follow along a bit behind with this one for the conversation practice, and the rich audio component So use it as a supplement, but don t expect it to be your main workhorse. I use this book in the classes I teach in Connecticut, USA and I think it s currently one of the best, if not the best books, for new adult learners The one criticism nearly all students have is that they speak the conversations too fast for new learners I ve started to put a slower version of them on YouTube, but haven t made much progress on that, but hope to complete this summer 2017 Another criticism I saw in a review here and which has also been made by some of my students, is that the grammar does not initially appear front and center First, that is by design the book is based on the communicative style of teaching a language, and grammar is introduced gently in context as the conversations evolve Second, students differ in their preferences for learning a language, some prefer a grammar based approach, and others do not So make your choice accordingly It is my feeling however, that a lot grammar is taught in this book them students generally realize, as they tend to call it other things e.g Points of Information, and if one pays attention one will learn enough grammar for a first course I had one class who came to realize this after taking grammar classes independently of my teaching during the summer break, and on returning were happy to forego those formal independent grammar classes and pay attention to the grammar in the book I generally wait until a future level to get much formal about grammar for the majority of the class.