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Beautiful, absolutely beautiful I was unable to pull away, the story, the charachters, the relationships and the heartache, all together to make a wonderfull end to a series so good my heart aches.Ps I want those cameos, even if only to find out if they got their seven 3 The conclusion of this excellent series,wrapping up the saga of Alburet and his family and Minions After all their adventures they move to Confront Stien and his army in a battle for Alpha world. It saddens me that this is goneThe characters chizzled their ways into my heart, the world is familiar and welcomingits always hard when a world you love finally ends when you get to the last page.This is an amazing read, the characters are now pulling out all the stops to reach the end of their quest given by the Overlordthe revelations after will bring joy and sorrow. This book brings all the best elements of an RPG, a romance, tradegy and a worthy ending The story is exciting and the battles keep you transfixed with some nailbiting moments and others that brings a tear to the eye Great book and if and when another series comes out I will be getting it. I wish you would continue the story in a different series of books I really loved reading about them and love to continue to read about them A fitting end to the Alpha World story in a genre that often struggles to find endings Pretty much all the loose ends are tidied up and the ending is fairly epic I will miss this series. What can i say 8 books in and it ended well These books from the first to the last was riveting I couldnt put it down till the end. A book I have enjoyed reading. Alburet came to Alpha World as a tester for the government What he found wasnt what he expected, but what he needed Together with his three wives, they had survived the revelations and grown closer Now, other problems had come to the fore, demanding to be dealt withGiven a quest by the Overlord, Alburet and his wives had a goal that they could not ignore, because failing it would shatter their family To even have a chance at success, they would need to reach max level as quickly as they could for the first end tier raidThe raid would bring Alburet back to where it all began the Lost Prison of Alctriuz There, Stein resided, raising an army of cultists and undead to topple Stormguard and the world A raid event that would involve hundreds of players and thousands of NPCs was brewingWelcome to the final installment of Alpha World This book contains adult themes Youd think I could stop with these disclaimers, but even this far into the series, people are shocked by the content This book contains a polyamorous relationship, with one of the four people in it being a Succubus Youve been warned Daniel schinhofen has been writing amazingly awesome books been reading all of this series and I can t wait for the next