[[ books pdf ]] Geiriadur Mawr, Y: Complete Welsh-English, English-Welsh DictionaryAuthor W.O. Thomas H. Meurig Evans – Bilb-weil.de

Trydydd argraffiad ar hugain geiriadur Cymraeg Saesneg Saesneg Cymraeg hynod boblogaidd yn ymgorffori termau Cymraeg hen a newydd, ynghyd rhestrau defnyddiol o enwau personol a lleoedd, anifeiliaid, adar a physgod, planhigion, blodau a ffrwythau Cyhoeddwyd gyntaf ynThe twenty third edition of a highly popular Welsh English English Welsh dictionary incorporating old and new Welsh terms, together with useful lists of personal and place names, animals, birds and fish, plants, flowers and fruits First published in

8 thoughts on “Geiriadur Mawr, Y: Complete Welsh-English, English-Welsh Dictionary

  1. K J Simmonds K J Simmonds says:

    I d bought a different dictionary that looked good until I tried to look up words in the Welsh section, then I couldn t find the word, unless I already knew the English This dictionary is much complete has those words, so it makes finding the English equivalent word much easier.

  2. Mr Peter Jones Mr Peter Jones says:

    this was an upgrade from my previous dictionary from the 1960 s Wow what a difference, so much information An excellent reference book to be recommended

  3. J. Kirkham J. Kirkham says:

    It s called The Big Dictionary but I d class it as a standard, desk dictionary Certainly too large to carry around but, when I think of the size of some of the dictionaries on my shelves, this is quite moderate in comparison.It hasn t failed me so far, everything I ve looked up has been there Perhaps as I advance in my learning and want complicated, unusual words I may be disappointed but it hasn t happened yet.If you re looking for a dictionary to leave on your desk this is the one to choose If you want a portable dictionary the Modern Welsh Dictionary edited by Gareth King would be my first choice.

  4. Mr. R. Asher Mr. R. Asher says:

    A superb Welsh dictionary but truly Welsh The references to grammar type of words is even in Welsh.

  5. MikeyJ MikeyJ says:

    Wanted this as an aide memoire seeing as I m a fluent Welsh speaker although I ve lived in England for over 50 years Just get a little bit rusty now and then when I put pen to paper or read a Welsh novel.

  6. Josie Josie says:

    Bought this to replace an older copy my daughter took to help her children in Welsh medium education My four children used it in secondary school to help with Welsh homework.This purchase seems just what I need as a learner I will probably buy another dictionary for modern everyday words that fluent speakers probably take for granted I have found Y Geriadur Mawr the best dictionary.

  7. GD GD says:

    Its a decent English Welsh dictionary but I wish id bought a comprehensive book I m reasonably advanced Welsh speaker and this dictionary has words missing and Ill need to get a bigger comprehensive book.

  8. Taliesin girl Taliesin girl says:

    Excellent dictionary for advanced learners and even for first language Welsh speakers The dictionary is clearly set out with a good size print.