[ eBook ] Generations at Work: Managing the Clash of Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Yers in the WorkplaceAutor Ron Zemke – Bilb-weil.de

Written For All Who Are Struggling To Manage A Workforce With Often Incompatible Ethics, Values, And Working Styles, Generations At Work Looks Afresh At The Root Causes Of Professional Conflict And Offers Practical Guidelines For Navigating Multigenerational Differences By Laying Bare The Most Common Causes Of Conflict Including The Me Generation S Frustration With Gen Yers Constant Desire For Feedback And The Challenges Facing Gen Xers Sandwiched Between These Polarities The Book Offers Practical, Spot On Guidance For Managing The Differences With Consideration To Each Generation S Unique NeedsAlong With The Authors Insights For Managing A Workforce With Different Ways Of Working, Communicating, And Thinking, The Book Offers In Depth Interviews With Members Of Each Generation, Tips On Best Practices From Companies Successfully Bridging The Generation Gap, And A Mentorship Field Guide To Help You Support The Youngest Members Of Your Team Tools, Which Are The Key To Helping Your Workforce Interact Positively With One Another And Thrive In Today S Wildly Divergent Workplace Culture

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  1. Diamonds Diamonds says:

    This is a revised 2013 version of the 2002 original, but a first for me First off this is a book that is was desperately needed, if only to bring into perspective, and help mapping, the various generations at work It does so in a surprisingly recognizable and personal way i.e via a lot of interview research material to such extent that I clearly can see all 3 of the 4 generations described at work, to a surprising detail They seemed to have deepened and improved the line of research that the first book represented, and I m guessing that makes the material presented all the solid This is the kind of book that you ll need if you realize you need tools or map, if nothing else if you want to work on something, and as such it is comparable to other books or sets of ideas that are equally hitting true in related fields i.e Mars and Venus for male female relationships, the DISC personality system for work related personalities, etc Even though all these contain generalizations in order to paint a clear picture , personally I maintain that if approx 80% of it rings true and applies either to yourself or others , it s good And as you re probably aware it s always the hardest to see oneself.Anyway, after having said this, some notes on the content btw also related to giving not 5, but 4 stars 2011 marked the year that the first Boomers officially were supposed to start retiring using 65 as the average age for that The book is written revised in 2013, just a couple of years after that, and per several observations in the book they aren t retiring yet, posing serious immediate challenges for especially the Gen X generation in terms of career paths imho, this warrants attention A fourth generation pre war , imho, is not relevant at work any at least in my world how many 73 year olds do you engage with at work, really , but is nonetheless included in the generation descriptions, and takes up an equal amount of written material In terms of sheer numbers, the surprising facts are at least to me that the amount of generations at work are as follows Millenials top , Baby Boomers 2nd and Gen X 3rd This somehow seems reflected in the material presented in terms of representations, where the Millenial picture comes out clearest and most massively documented, followed by the Boomers, only to leave the Gen X ers somewhat in the backseat BTW If you had not guessed to which generation I belong, it should be clear now.Yes, the Millenials get a LOT of attention, in the Articles as well as the descriptive sections it looks like they re the new Boomers in a way, and probably would get along fine with them, if the older generation could let go a little bit of the stiffness they inherited from their parents, the Traditionalists and perpetuated by their aging , and their ego putting a stamp on everything.In general, the Boomers come out pretty positive in terms of accredited attitudes, and the book offers perspectives advice on how to deal with them in other than a boss position Now, maybe it s my line of work, but the Boomers are the ones that own everything, run everything, put their stamp on everything, and in all that manifest a greediness that in combination with the bop till you drop mentality, poses a sheer challenge for the ones right below them, as they won t move over or give an inch, let alone offer a hand This perspective is not represented in the book, if you were looking for that as I was As mentioned above, in combination with the recession and related effects on their bank accounts, they er deciding to hang around even longer.Part I also includes a section on the international spectrum or how they might relate to these clearly American descriptions definitions , but that s limited by it s small number of included countries but maybe helpful if you re from Brazil, Germany, France, India, Russia, UK or Saudi Arabia I find Part II Where generations work well actually the least convincing as it mixes various work issues in with the Generational ones, thereby loosing focus, and where it does seem to relate it is mostly about how to relate to and accomodate the Millennials.To end on a positive note the Interview section Part III From the trenches I found very good in helping to recognize patterns of thought in the various generations, not in the least by those who belong to the same generation it actually made me chuckle at various times by the recognition of it And for all honesty I did not read Part IV The Articles yet Summarizing definitely a good read, for starters, but not sure how to pick up and take it to the work floor, let alone find cures for some of the most pressing related issues today 2016.

  2. BillG BillG says:

    If you are in business to market or sell anything you need to read this book We all judge things through our own generational bias and preferences This book tells you why they are different from usno matter which us you are.

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