[[ Audiobooks ]] Gesenius' Hebrew GrammarAuthor H. F. W. Gesenius – Bilb-weil.de

I just wanted to agree with the other reader who said this was a poor edition of a great book On my version, either the cover is upside down, or all the inside pages are Sure, it still works fine, but having to turn a book upside down before reading it is just wrong No, this is not just reading from the back like a Hebrew Bible, this is actually upside down I ve seen other editions of Gesenius without this problem, so I know it s just this one. If you re a serious Biblical Hebrew student, this is an absolute must for your bookshelf It is the gold standard against which all other Hebrew Grammar textbooks are judged I have several others e.g., Futato, Joon Muraoka, Davidson, Watke , but I still find answers in Gesenius that are simply absent in all the others Some might say that s an unfair comparison because the others are designed for beginners, whereas Gesenius is designed to be comprehensive But, the other authors stop at beginner s level and never offer an intermediate or advanced So, the point still remains that you can t rely on them to understand obscure things such as the pausal form, which again goes to why Gesenius is a must.Finally, I would say this particular edition and printing is excellent, which brings me to a warning There are a lot of reprints out there, and many are not very legible Do your homework before buying a Gesenius to ensure you get a good printing. As a fairly new acquaintance to Hebrew, I have found Gesenius or rather Cowley s translation impossible to read ad libitum it is clothed in dense, technical and often obscure language, yet for reference for a word or important point of grammar it is a detailed and valuable mine for reference or suggestion.A note of caution, no doubt many of its rather confident pronouncements will be regarded as outmoded by modern Hebraists. Suite aux conseils de eteachergroup.com, qui enseigne l h breu biblique j ai acquis cette grammaire h bra que r dig e en anglaisJ en suis satisfait pour la recherche de conjugaisons rares, pour l usage contre courant parfois , des temps des verbes qatal, yiqtol weqatal weyiqtol etc I recently bought Oxford s hardcover edition and its a damn shame that for the price of the book what you get is a glued photocopy of the original edition I won t get into the content of the book Gesenius work is legendary for those interested in the subject But I do warn those interested in this edition of what they ll get It is sad that such a fine publishing house as OUP is getting into the habit of selling expensive editions of books that basically amount to a cheap reprint of the original Instead of advertising it as expensive hardcover editions they should be frank about what they are really delivering. I cannot give it five stars obviously in light of its age and the fact that it is somewhat confusing to read a single paragraph with all the sub notes to notes that said, I would very much encourage anyone wanting to study Classical Biblical Hebrew to buy this grammar and keep it handy to hand for reference My personal preference, after much scouring of grammars, is J Weingreen s A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew Used in conjunction with Gesinius s notes for syntax and etymology of roots you should find yourself well armed to take on the wiley beastie that is Biblical Hebrew Got mine for 9 plus shpg, and have to say even in the used state it was in very good shape never ceases to amaze me Get the book it really is worth having on hand especially after you have conquered the basics i love this book, because, i found the rest of the stuff i needed in order to continue my study in this language, i consider it like guide book, because, the well organized charts helped me a lot especially the system verbs, i knew about this book reading the previous comments people write, and one person recommended it, so i bought it, and i am satified. Book came in great condition, and it came very quickly I would recommend buying this to anyone interested in Hebrew Grammar. Thanks With a facsimile of the Siloam Inscription by Euting, J a table of alphabets by Lidzbarski, M