{Read Best} Get By in JapaneseTravel PackAuthor Yuko Hashimoto – Bilb-weil.de

I bought this as it was from the BBC and with the CD thought that I would be able to learn in the car or train etc by listening I found the book confusing as the pronounciation as written was not exampled in the CD The CD only did parts of the book and did not even refer to sections or page numbers when being played UK accent was fine but basically found it unstructured and although I did learn something it was not worth it for a basic tourist help for Japanese It is difficult enough to learn the words and pronounciation without the complication of the characters I finally stumbled on the Collins Easy LEarning Japanese 3 CD set and this is fantastic and does the job faster and easier than the other one I have bought Berlitz Japanese Phrase book and CD As it s a travel pack it means it has all the basics, from getting around to shopping, being in restaurants and bare nesseccities it s got a great format and written in a way so that pronounciation is easier to get the hang of, especially with the CD if you need help Everything is put into neat sections and explained well, with excercises to make sure your on the right track Another good feature is that every now and then, between sections it has interesting information about Japan and it s culture with nice pictures, so you can get to know a little bit about the country, not just the language.The only negative thing i have to say about it is that the vocabulary is quite limited and you won t become an expert at the language with this, however, it s perfect if you just want a starter rather than being bombarded with lots of phrases, which once you ve finished you can move onto a complex book if you want. Good book and CD It is difficult to link the CD to the book and to keep up with everything This may be due to my ability to learn Japanese Other than this, great service from the seller and arrived exactly when they stated. This is a good combination pack of DVD and phrase book, for anyone needing a starter s guide to spoken Japanese.Get by in Japanese Travel Pack Get By in Japanese is the ideal travel companion a quick and easy introduction to Japanese and a phrase book covering all the essential language youll need on your trip With the help of the audio CD, get to grips with the basics of a conversation before you leave, then take the book away with you as a handy reference guide Download the tracks on to your MP player to learn on the move Understand the basics of the language with clear and easy to follow explanations Try out what you have learned with mini role plays and activities Communicate with confidence with thousands of essential words and phrases Get around easily with useful tips for the visitor Eat out the Japanese way with the comprehensive menu readerAlso contains a two way mini dictionary so youll never be stuck for the right word, and a full pronunciation guide so youll always know how to say itpage book andminute audio CD The book is also available separately Also available in these languages Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish