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GrUpDoes saving some lives justify sacrificing others This is the main question asked in this second installment of this series Picking up right where the first volume left off, Mare and Cal are on the run from the usurper King Maven and his army of Silver bloods Armed with a list of other newbloods like herself, Mare takes on the mission of recruiting them for the Scarlet Guard before they can be found by Maven However, as her journey progresses, Mare learns that the lines between right and wrong aren t so clear, and she begins to become exactly the kind of person the Scarlet Guard is fighting against While the kill count seems to be excessively high, it does end up raising some interesting points namely, the question of who, if anyone, really deserves to die And do the ends truly justify the means As with her first effort, Aveyard certainly has a flair for the dramatic, which teens will eat up The action hits the ground running and doesn t stop until after the last page is turned And while some might recognize several familiar plot related beats that resemble the novel s dystopian contemporaries, they shouldn t lessen the story s appeal VERDICT Fans of Red Queen HarperCollins,who have been clamoring for the sequel will be satedKimberly Castle Alberts, Hudson Library Historical Society, OHAveyard certainly has a flair for the dramatic The action hits the ground running and doesnt stop until after the last page is turned School Library Journal High stakes excitement and sharp plot twists make this a fast paced, exciting read and a thrilling sequel Booklist Fast paced and action packed, Glass Sword is compelling and strong, guaranteed to gratify anxious readers of the series and fans of dystopian and fantasy literature Voice of Youth Advocates VOYA PRAISE FOR RED QUEEN A sizzling, imaginative thriller, where romance and revolution collide, where power and justice duel Its exhilarating Compelling Action packed Unputdownable USA Today Aveyard weaves a compelling new world of action packed surprises inventive, character driven Kirkus A volatile world with a dynamic heroine Booklist Breakneck pace and engaging characters School Library Journal Aveyard sets her audience up for a gaspworthy twist that reconfigures nearly every characters role and leaves Mare with no one to trust but herself This blend of fantasy and dystopia will be an unexpected and worthy addition to many genre fans reading list Bulletin of the Center for Childrens Books Fascinating world building Readers will be intrigued by a world that reflects todays troubling issues concerning ethnic inequality, unfair distribution of wealth, pollution, warfare, political corruption, and the frightening power of the media Voice of Youth Advocates VOYA