[[ Reading ]] Going Low: How to Break Your Individual Golf Scoring Barrier by Thinking Like a ProAuthor Patrick J. Cohn – Bilb-weil.de

Going Low Teaches Tour Proven Strategies So You Can Break Through Your Individual Scoring Barrier Whether It S , Or For The First Time And Continue To Shoot Low Golf Scores Drawing Heavily From The Experience Of Top Professionals And His Own Work, Author Patrick Cohn Provides Specific Instructions That Will Guide You, Lesson By Lesson, Toward Your Dreamed About Scoring Target With This Book, You Will Learn How To Unlock Your Self Imposed Limits And Develop Confidence In Your Play

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    This is one of a few serious strategy books about golf improvement It is the sort of stuff you can imagine a golf pro uses Don t spend any time practicing before you read this and check out what needs to be done to get you playing off less than 10 I can t find another book quite like this but if you liked the Rotella stuff, you can take it to the next level with this practical guide on a professional approach to developing playing strategy to win S H it s a complete no brainer to get a copy.Update 20 May 2013 OK I found another book Every Shot Must Have a Purpose similar aims to get you thinking like a pro and under 10 and falling Take a look.Update June 2014 I have now moved on to the audio version of this book which of course is easy to listen to whilst driving the car not the ball, you But I am thinkig that there is a lot of contradiction in the book at one moment he will talk about getting feeling of momentum, that a few good shots earl y on will get you going then in another chapter we are told not to believe in feelings and to keep going despite early setbacks Make you mind up Update July 2014 The best book no audio yet I ve just read is Dan Abraham s book on the same subject Golf Tough Practice, Prepare, Perform and Progress

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    The book reveals a Rotella like approach to golf, only I found it interesting because of the many stories about career low rounds described by Cohn The stories show the mindset of professional golfers who are going low In my opinion to look at your scorecard and to be able to see the best possible score that day is one of the most rewarding aspects of golf Getting the most out of your game, whether thats 59 or 79, is what it is all about Many mental problems golfers experience are described and solutions are given The book helps you identify your mental golf problems and helps you to work at them.

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    Like many golfers who shoot in the low 80 s and high 70 s, I am a fairly competent golfer My problem has always been bringing it home or not getting my head down after a bad start This book is a fantastic lesson to all those out there who either let a bad shot or hole get to them or who have trouble finishing off a great round As an example, I started my last competition round with a double bogie, a bogie and then another bogie In days of old I would have been tempted to walk in Using the techniques from this book I played on and tried to concentrate on the ho hum golf approach I recovered sufficiently to shoot 79 I highly recommend this book.

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    Bringing self help to golf in a non cheesy way, a touch repetitive at times, but perhaps needs to beA must read or any avid golfers