Golf in the Kingdom –

Bonkers Sometimes a bit dull Sometimes remarkable. It s an okay read but there are much better books on these topics especially those by Fred Shoemaker, who provides much clearer suggestions Using golf as a metaphor for understanding not just the world around us but the world inside each of us Very good, a little confusing than The legend of Bagger Vance but on the same lines for golf as a spiritual journey to inner development Worth reading several times to fully grasp all of the information. First half great, all about golf at Crail and some fundamentals.Second half all mysticism and stretching the link with golf beyond the limit. Yes, A good story, learned a lot about self control I want to read it again To cement all the principles into my psyche indeed I would wholeheartedly recommend the book to all golfers. Fantastic book Hailed As A Classic When It First Appeared In , Michael Murphy S Novel Combines An Amiable Zen Mysticism With What Many Consider The Very Mystical And Sometimes Downright Frustrating Sport Of Golf At Its Center Is The Charming Guru Of The Scottish Links, Shivas Irons, Whose Instruction Is As Pertinent In Life As It Is On The Course After A Long Wait, This Shamanic Golf Pro Reappeared For The Follow Up Novel, The Kingdom Of Shivas Irons, Also Available From BDD Audio This is an overhyped book and I only bought it because of the reviews It makes absolutely no sense and the bit about golf, particularly Seamus s shillelagh being used as a club at night for a hole in one with a feathery is right out of Alice in Wonderland Don t waste your money on this.