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Dr Bob Rotella, Whose Clients Include Nick Price, Davis Love III, Tom Kite, And Pat Bradley, Is Firmly Established As The Premier Performance Enhancement Specialist In The Golf World In Golf Is A Game Of Confidence, Doc Rotella Focuses On The Most Important Skill A Golfer Can Have The Ability To Think Confidently Confidence, Or Playing With Your Eyes, Can Be The Difference Between Making Par And A Bogey, One Putting And Three Putting, Winning And Losing To Help Listeners Revolutionize Their Own Course Management And Mental Game, Rotella Relates Stories Of The Game S Legendary Figures, And Allows The Listener Not Only To Get Inside The Ropes But Also To Get Inside The Heads Of The Game S Greatest Players In Their Most Important Moments

8 thoughts on “Golf Is a Game of Confidence

  1. Chris Brooke Chris Brooke says:

    I ve got all of Dr Bob s books, his guidance is absolutely brilliant, but if I were to give any of them a miss it would be this one I know this was one of his earlier ones, and he s impoved a great deal, but following the success of Golf is not a game of perfect this is disappointing It is simply a series of stories about people well known and unknown that Bob has dealt with The explanations and learning points are a bit obscure and the writing is far less rivetting than his other books it s the only book of his that I found hard work Keep this in perspective we are comparing it to some brilliant books, but in a good round, it s his only poor shot As he himself describes, he will have taken the learning from it, forgotten it, and carried on to play a superb game.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    Not as good as golf is not a game of perfect Not as long for a start and goes into too much detail about individual rounds of the professionals he s referring too The stories are very interesting and give an insight into the professionals mind and their own mental frailties However it could have gone into less drawn out detail and covered ground on the mental side and stories.wish it was longer but don t we all

  3. Clive Jones Clive Jones says:

    This book puts things into perspective If you are struggling with your game this is a must read Not everything is to do with the technical aspect of your swing

  4. Lorraine chick Lorraine chick says:

    no comment


    Great read would recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their golf game.

  6. Lilyband Lilyband says:

    It s a good read but based as many of these books are, on other peoples usually pros experiences, which are in some cases difficult to relate my own needs to There are however some useful quotes which have helped me get to grips with a total loss of form how lessons course play should interact

  7. els els says:

    Apparently is rubbish I gave as a present but told boring and just about other people s games

  8. Customer Customer says:

    Great quality