Free Audiobooks Golf's Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of UtopiaAuthor David L. Cook –

The story of a golfer in need of help to get his game sorted out is worth the time reading and well written This book is one of those books wherein I did not want it to end, e.g., i took my time reading this one.It is extremely well written and chock full of insight.This is a book about golf, yet it is applicable to everyone.Bottom line A golfer suffers a horrible round and leaves the course a shambles He literally encounters a fork in the road, and chooses to drive to Utopia There, he meets a very wise rancher, who helps him find his swing in ways than one.After having read this book, there is a high probability i am finding my swing.I thank the author for having this book published I have the e book and a hardback edition, both remain in my permanent library Job well done. A quite disgraceful recruitment tool that began as a pleasant little self help book The final insult is when you are asked to go out and buy 10 copies to give to your friends a decididly non Christian work in my opinion. Having read the book I would commend anyone who is frustrated with their game to do the same The author holds your attention throughout and questions the fact that success in golf, just like in life, is not to be taken for granted. You Never Really Know When You Might Meet Someone Who Will Change Your Life Golf S Sacred Journey Is A Story About A Chance Meeting Between A Fictitious Golf Professional And His Unorthodox Mentor As The Story Unfolds, We Along With The Pro Learn Lessons About Golf And Life That We Never Expected To Learn In Places We Never Expected To Learn Them Many Have Picked Up Golf S Sacred Journey Looking For The Secret To A Better Game But Instead Found The Secret To A Meaningful Life I found this book after watching the movie After 10 years, my husband are separating and for the past couple of weeks I ve been struggling with trying to figure out exactly why..what, if anything, could have been done differently After a particularly rough 4th of July weekend, I was holed up in my apartment watching movies After watching one I don t even remember which one Seven Days in Utopia was a Netflix recommendation for me I have always loved golf and Robert Duvall so I made some popcorn and settled in for what I thought would be a 90 minute distraction from my thoughts Wow Was I wrong The movie hit me like a ton of bricks, opening my eyes to a much bigger picture of what was going on in my life and where I am headed From there I was directed to the website, ordered the Kindle version of the book Since then I also went through the 8 lessons David has on the website I just finished those lessons and now have ordered the physical book as well the new book in the series as well I plan to give this book to my husband and if know that it will help him as we move forward as friends. Fifty years ago I started graduate school in Applied Mathematics It s also when I unwittingly swapped out the Mentor who had helped me reach that first tee of an adult life for a series of mentors, some known in person, others just seen on the leader board In the interim I made a few cuts in Professional Life Association events But I didn t find the path, nor the joy promised by those mentors.This book was another step in my rediscovery of the real Mentor. Know a golfer who doesn t believe in God or know Jesus personally It is a good way to show them how to build a relationship just like you build your golf game Jesus used to give parables to help people see a picture and be able to identify themselves with one of the characters This book does the same thing, helps a person to identify with where they are lacking in their golf game and how that relates to their own personal life and relationship with Jesus Highly recommend One thing that really stood out, was one of the lessons I have it written on my gloove as a reminder SEE IT behind the ball, imagine the flight of the ball FEEL IT a couple practice swings, to get the feel of the club TRUST IT once you are over the ball, don t change anything You have to trust your gut feelings Don t dance around It has worked for me.