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A chance encounter leads to an unpredictable Manhattan romance in an irresistible and heartwarming novel from the author of Hello LoveGreta Hansen has arrived in Manhattan to intern with the Vanderhaven Corporation, a company owned by distant and very wealthy relatives But she soon realizes shes actually been hired to keep watch on their capricious daughter, social media celebrity Cece No last name required Why bother The entire Twitterverse already watches every fabulous move she makes Including an unfortunate shoplifting mishap when Cece decides to go off script Its then that a handsomeand homelessstranger comes to the rescueDalton Bishop has a secret A man of privilege, hes been living on the streets as a social experiment Now, in gracious payback for his chivalry, Cece invites him to an elegant fund raiser called the Forgotten Man Ball Its Greta hes taken with, howeverand to Gretas surprise, shes taken right back But Dalton has onesecret up his tattered sleeve For right now, though, hes just happy embracing the woman of his dreams Its only the beginning of a romantic and revealing adventure that will take them to a place where money, class, and fame matter far less than true loveThe bestselling author of Hello Love, Karen McQuestion writes the books she would love to readnot only for adults but also for kids and teens Her publishing story has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, and NPR She lives with her family in Hartland, Wisconsin To find outabout Karen and her books, follow her on Twitter karenmcquestion or visit KarenMcQuestion