[Kostenlos Lesening] GorillasAutor Seymour Simon – Bilb-weil.de

Great higher level nonfiction text Used as one of several sources for my students to research gorillas after reading The One and Only Ivan Never disappointed with Seymour Simon He is an amazing author of nonfiction text and a staple in my classroom. Beautiful pictures, some context mistakes, but a nice book all in all. I bought this for my toddler grandson along with Amazing Gorillas He loves both of them as they have great gorilla pictures I knew the language would be to hard for him to understand, but the he loves leafing through the pictures He is constantly asking us to take him to the zoo to see the gorillas, so this is a nice tide over between visits Adopted a Gorilla for my nephew from WWF and this was a perfect addition to the package, 9 year old nephew loves it. Classic Movies Show Giant Gorillas Scaling Tall Buildings And Swatting Planes From The Sky, But Actual Gorillas Are Gentle Social Animals That Live Together In Family Groups Like Humans In Fact, Gorillas Are One Of The Closest Genetic Matches To People And Just Like Humans, Gorillas Can Shriek, Chuckle, Hiccup, And Even Burp Award Winning Science Writer Seymour Simon Brings You A Full Color Photographic Introduction To These Fascinating Animals