Read kindle GREEK LANGUAGE AND PEOPLE CD 1-2 (NEW EDITION)Author David Hardy –

Greek Language and People is the ideal introduction to the language and culture of Greece These twominute audio CDs are designed to accompany the Greek Language and People course book, which is available to buy separatelyClosely integrated with the course book, the audio helps you to develop your listening and speaking skills, with conversations and stage by stage pronunciation practice Whether learning at home or in a class, Greek Language and People can help you to reach the equivalent level of a first qualification, such as GCSE


  1. The Prodigal Son The Prodigal Son says:

    Whereas my very detailed review of the Course Book for this course was extremely negative I only gave it one star , I like the CDs a lot The speakers pronounce clearly, the recording quality is good, and they don t speak too quickly The course is probably not suitable for the absolute beginner, however.

  2. Linda C Linda C says:

    Good basic learning Find the pale blue notes difficult to read.

  3. Bjorg Vassiliades Bjorg Vassiliades says:

    Good CD to go with the book Greek Language and People

  4. Mickybs68 Mickybs68 says:

    As before ideal for beginners and people who s Greek is rusty.

  5. Jaxxsa Jaxxsa says:

    Beginning to use book and DVD and hopefully it will prove to be really good.

  6. skylight skylight says:

    A replacement for my cassettes.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    Useless on its own must be paired with course book which see for review This is not obvious from details, as at least one purchaser has obviously found.

  8. neil8663 neil8663 says:


  9. rossi carlo rossi carlo says:

    in ottime condizioni pur se di seconda mano..nessun segno , nessuna scrittura , proprio come nuovo ottima impostazione del testo per apprendere il greco una lingua tanto difficilegrazie