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Mesut Ozil Is A Midfield Magician, Casting An Elegant Spell Over Opponents And Conjuring Passes Through Gaps Lesser Mortals Can T Even See After An Eventful Sojourn Among The Galacticos Of Real Madrid, He Has Savoured Silverware At Arsenal, While In He Lifted The World Cup With Germany But His Life And Career Have Been A Test Of Resilience Growing Up In Germany S Turkish Community, He Faced Prejudice From Those Who Claimed His Dual Identity Would Prevent Him Giving His All For The National Team Later Came Questions Over A Different Type Of Commitment, The Kind Levelled Against Those, Like Mesut Ozil, Who Excel In Football S Finer Arts Rather Than Relying Simply On Running And Ruggedness He Has Proved Concerns On Both These Issues Lack Substance In Gunning For Greatness, Mesut Ozil Reveals The Inside Stories Of His Relationships With Jose Mourinho And Arsene Wenger, His Quest To Help The Under Fire Frenchman Restore Arsenal S Preeminence And How He Silenced The Sceptics By Conquering The World

8 thoughts on “Gunning for Greatness: My Life: With an Introduction by Jose Mourinho

  1. BaselBoy BaselBoy says:

    He doesn t have much to say and it s not really written in a way that is believable.

  2. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    Generally a bit dull, a few interesting moments here and there, but too much filler e.g giving summaries of matches that don t really add any insight

  3. Mo Mo says:

    I enjoyed it very much but then I am an Arsenal fan.

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    The way the book is written convayed to me how Mesut Ozil is as a player And misunderstodood by ma NY in this country Also the translation was better than many sports books I have read.

  5. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    I met this powerful inside player again

  6. Hello! My name is Laurence Hello! My name is Laurence says:

    This is a story of a man who made good for himself, from humble beginnings He relates some candid explanations of a sequence of events that took him to the top I found the earlier accounts and anecdotes interesting as he has an unusual rise to stardom The latter half of the book is compiled mainly of broad brushstrokes of the moves he made between Real Madrid, Arsenal and playing for Germany That said, don t expect much to be said about his life challenges at Arsenal A lot of glossing over takes place.The glaring problem that I have with the book is that he mentions that he has to live in a Golden Cage because of his fame and fortune When in fact it is obvious it is his introverted personality, need for privacy or a need to rest his body due to physical exhaustion that he took to mostly watching telly in his spare time.This is an innocent, if not naive attempt to put over his side of the story when he did get onto the front pages of newspapers He handles this with dignity and respect Job done, but it hardly makes for rivetting reading Mesut is I would imagine, a decent, likeable bloke and loyal to his family and his mates There are though, endless parts of the book that are littered with inderstatements that lead the reader wanting to know He clearly is trying to be a better footballer, primarily for fame and fortune Nothing wrong with that, but then his career is a job, not really a passion with a legacy isn t it Hardly greatness as the title suggests.What is disapointing, is you don t ever get a sense of what he wants to do with his fame and fortune Whether he wants a family, if he has a creative passion or if he has a desire to do something great beyond football He is very guarded about his passions and pleasures Which again, is fine, but then why would he write a book about what we can mostly read in the media Today managers and publishers want books to build brands, earn some income and grow the subscriber base He did mention how much each of Twitter followers are worth to him I think he wrote this book to tell a sanitised but stirring story of success from humble beginnings, but ultimately it turned out to be a book about branding.

  7. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    It was my first football autobiography so I didn t know what to expect I m a big football fan, but as everyone knows it s very difficult to peek into the lives of these clubs and players so I had great expectations from this book as it was written by an active football player.I particularly liked the first few chapters about his early age struggles in the German society as a second generation Turkish as well as the stories about how he got his first opportunities in werder and schalke However then he story became incoherent, jumping back and forth on time which was confusing a bit Also as a football fan you would expect him to write about everyday situations in the training ground, relationship with fellow colleagues, tactical analyses, in depth locker room experiences and most of all explanations of his transfers in detail Other than a few interesting words about going to dinner with a fellow footballer, getting a bollocking from a coach once, and some tight lipped paragraphs about transfers he didn t let us behind the scene as much as I d have liked.I wish he would have elaborated on his last seasons with Real, his real reason behind his move, his debut and first and second seasons with Arsenal Also missing completely in this rather one sided narrative is the vast criticism of the whole Arsenal team as of late, the comparison between Real and Arsenal, and his true relationship with his father recently and his views on club presidents such as Florentino Perez.To add to this list, the only decent portayal of his quest for supremacy with Germany is only a few pages long about the 2014 World Cup and a short summary of the matches against Spain 2010 and Italy 2012 A few pages about the historic win over Brazil, a few paragraphs about the WC final followed by a short passage of the celebration is all you get from a player who has been an integral part of one of the most successful footballing nation in the world for 8 years now.Overall an interesting read, however nowhere near as detailed and coherent about the most interesting subjects for me anyway as you d like.

  8. thematrixchamber thematrixchamber says:

    Talked too much about Germany and not enough about Arsenal In fact, he hardly talked much about Arsenal at all He went on and on about how he can t go out in London because he s famous and he always gets stopped for selfies The thing I did like, was how honest he was about what he could earn I always like that honesty For example He would have got 20 million a year if he went to China.He wrote the book so that he can write another book when he finishes playing sorry, but I won t buy it.